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Oponka won’t be in that Pepco dress.  A miracle for people over 50 for PLN 40.  Gems in CA and bonprix.

Oponka won’t be in that Pepco dress. A miracle for people over 50 for PLN 40. Gems in CA and bonprix.

Fashion news in Pepco! There you will find a dress that will appeal to mature women who value style and comfort. The soft model fits comfortably on the figure. In addition, it effectively hides the belly and sides. Similar gems are also available at C&A and bonprix.

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Dzianinowe are celebrating their great comeback this season. We can see them more and more often in chain stores and in the styles of top fashion bloggers. They are especially loved by women over 50. This is a perfect option for autumn and winter, which not only guarantees a fashionable outfit, but also comfort and convenience when worn.

You can find a dress in this style at a low price at Pepco. It has a free cut that effectively hides sensitive areas of the figure and goes perfectly with boots. They are also similar in C&A and Bonprix.

The knitted dress from Pepco is perfect for fall. Wear it with boots

Dress Pepco

The dark green dress from Pepco is made of soft fabric that fits comfortably on the figure. Its slightly oversized cut it ensures comfort when worn and makes areas such as the protruding belly and sides less visible and remain invisible. If you want to mask these places, this dress will be a perfect choice. Such styles go perfectly with boots and autumn coats.

Bonprix has a knitted dress at a bargain price. It’s a hit on their website

DressDress bonprix

You can also find a similar dress at Bonprix. It has a long cut with a turtleneck that highlights the advantages of the figure. Its huge advantage is available in as many as six colors, which means that each of us can find something for ourselves among them. This dress was a hit on the store’s website. It has been rated over 400 times, and its average rating is five out of five stars.

At C&A you will find a warm dress for autumn and winter. It’s a soft and comfortable gem

DressDress C&A

A knitted dress is also available in the C&A offer. There is a short cut model available there it is made of warm and soft material, resembling a sweater. It has a ribbed stand-up collar and sleeve ends. This dress is available in three neutral colors that will surely appeal to fashion minimalists.

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