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Almost every teenager had a photo of him in their room.  What does Bartek Wrona from Just 5 do?

Almost every teenager had a photo of him in their room. What does Bartek Wrona from Just 5 do?

The Just 5 band conquered the music market 26 years ago. The men in the band were called the Polish Backstreet Boys. The most popular person was Bartek Wrona, who at that time was a real teenage idol. What does it look like today?

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In 1997, Just 5 released the album “Kolorowe sny”, thanks to which it gained nationwide popularity. The group included: Bartosz Wrona, Grzegorz Kopala, Shadi Atoun, Daniel Moszczyński and Robert Kryla. They quickly started giving concerts all over the country, and Bartek, then 15, was hailed as a teenager’s idol.

What does Bartek Wrona do? 26 years ago he was the favorite of Polish women

In July 1997, during Just 5 concerts, the band N Sync, which included Justin Timberlake, performed as support. The band Just 5 released two more albums: “Zaczarowany Świat” in 1998 and “Cień Wielki Miasto” in 2001. In 2002, they ceased their activity. Bartek Wrona then focused on a solo career. Between 2001 and 2010 he released four solo albums. The single “Maria” released in 2005 was played on many radio stations and became the hit of the summer. In the meantime, Bartosz tried his hand at television and in 2004 he appeared in the reality show “Bar”. – The boys and I never seriously considered reactivating Just 5 – he confessed in “”.

How many children does Bartek Wrona have? Family comes first

In March, Wrona turned 41. He is constantly involved in music: recording songs and giving concerts. He is active on Instagram, where he has 18.7 thousand followers. people. Bartek has been in a relationship with Mariola for 18 years, whom he met on the set of the show “Stratosfera”. At that time, the musician’s wife worked as a dancer in the Ich Troje group. – What fascinated me about Mariola was her modesty and, as they say, “that something”. I was raised in a family where there was always a lot of love, and it’s the same with me. Family is the most important thing to me, the rest are gadgets – said the artist in an interview with “”.

she had two daughters. – Now I’m a settled man, I have a family, I have children, so I have adjusted my artistic career so that I only play on weekends. I don’t go anywhere during the week, I take care of the house. It was difficult to get back to the shelf I was on, said Bartosz. Just 5 is just a fond memory today. – I don’t know how my life would have turned out. I would probably be a chef because I was supposed to go to culinary school. Fate turned out differently. Just 5 is a beautiful adventure that made me continue to pursue music, he added.

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