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I pour it into water at the end of cleaning the tombstone.  It stays shiny for weeks

I pour it into water at the end of cleaning the tombstone. It stays shiny for weeks

Virtually everyone realizes how important it is to clean monuments before All Saints’ Day. It is an expression of respect for the dead. How to clean a tombstone so as not to damage it and how to do it quickly, easily and without unnecessary scrubbing? We give you a hint.

Cleaning should be scheduled earlier than the day of the holiday. This is because it requires a lot of effort and you may not complete the task on time. Please note that tombstones are exposed to various weather conditions and therefore quickly become dirty. Therefore, they should be cared for regularly and cared for carefully. How to do it? See for yourself.

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How to clean an old tombstone? Prepare the appropriate accessories

You will need appropriate accessories and preparations to clean the monument. Remember not to take highly corrosive chemicals with you. You can irreversibly damage them tombstones, which are not cheap. So what will you need? Pack scouring pads, sponges, rice brushes, as well as dishwashing liquid or a special agent for cleaning the material from which the tombstone is made. You will also need weed killer, a bucket, a large bottle, a rake, secateurs, cotton scissors and a dustpan with a broom.

What’s the best way to clean a tombstone? Don’t forget about the area around it

When cleaning the monument, do not forget about the area around it. Get rid of fallen trees and branches, and sweep the area around. Monuments made of granite and marble can be easily washed with a delicate detergent, i.e. dishwashing liquid. The agent will easily remove dirt that has accumulated over the last few months. It is better to clean shiny tombstones with a soft sponge, which will prevent scratches. You can use sharper sponges to clean matte ones. Be careful when cleaning sandstone tombstones. The material is easily damaged, so it is best to clean it using plain water and a delicate sponge. Remove excess dirt, such as dust and sand, with a brush with soft bristles.

How to remove wax from a monument? There is nothing difficult about it

Wax stains can be removed with a small spatula and gentle scrubbing with warm water and detergent. Finally, you can add some vinegar to the water, which will give the material a beautiful shine. Only 3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water are enough. Don’t forget to remove old flowers and decorations from the tombstone that no longer look aesthetically pleasing. All Saints’ Day is the best time to put up new, untouched decorations.

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