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In autumn, these spiders enter houses in great numbers.  Do one thing and you will sleep soundly

In autumn, these spiders enter houses in great numbers. Do one thing and you will sleep soundly

When the temperature outside drops, mice are not the only ones who start looking for a warm shelter for the winter. Mosquitoes also enter our homes, causing fear in many of us. How to protect yourself against these uninvited guests? A home remedy for pennies comes to the rescue.

They enter houses through open doors, windows and cracks, looking for a place to spend the winter. They don’t want to get in our way, their only goal is to protect themselves from low temperatures. Although they seem dangerous to some, they usually do not cause problems. On the contrary – they are very useful. However, people who are afraid of spiders do not even want to hear about the possibility of any spiders settling in their apartment. In such a situation, you can act preventively.

How to scare away spiders? Try one of the home remedies

Anglers (smaller and larger) usually avoid people, hiding in the dark corners of our houses or apartments. However, it sometimes happens that when they feel very threatened, they can bite a person, which may result in pain and itching. Although they are very useful because they feed on bedbugs, flies, fruit flies and silverfish, some people simply do not want to have them at home. One of the popular autumn recipes is the use of chestnuts.

– It is a natural repellent that is extremely effective, just place a few chestnuts in sensitive places, e.g. near the windows, at the entrance door, at the entrance to the basement, on the windowsill (…). The secret is in the smell of chestnuts! The aroma of these nuts makes spiders immediately lose their desire to make themselves comfortable in the corners or on the walls of your apartment – we read in a post published on Marta Zawadzka’s Instagram profile.

Another way is to use peppermint or lemongrass essential oils. These are smells that spiders cannot stand. So even if one appears in your house, don’t immediately reach for the slipper to kill it. Just mix the selected oil with water and spray the mixture into the nooks and corners where the beetles may have settled. They will leave quickly, and if you repeat this action regularly, they are unlikely to come back.

Where do house beetles hide?

Cobwebs are most often found in dark and quiet corners of our apartment, e.g. behind the furniture, where we usually look the least often. They can also often be found in garages, basements or attics. Therefore, if you do not want these uninvited guests in your home, it is worth remembering to regularly and thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies.

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