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This profiler is excellent at her job. In it, he uses childhood trauma [POPkultura+]

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In this episode of “POPkultury +” we look at several series available on CANAL + online – unusual crime stories and bloodcurdling stories.

Crime series – from South Africa to Belgium

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“Reyka” is a South African crime thriller in episodes created and written by Rohan Dickson of Kim Engelbrecht, who plays a police profiler. Then we will focus on the Polish policeman, Adam Kruk (Micha³ ¯urawski). Both “Kruk. Whispers Hear After Dark” and “Kruk. Czorny Voron Doesn’t Sleep” discover the criminal secrets of Podlasie, using the magical aura of this region.

We are enjoying this excellent series, counting on the next episodes … – The second season ends in a very open way. There is a place for a continuation – for Serialowa.pl, the screenwriter of the series Jakub Korolczuk. And he added, “We are in the TV industry that has its own rules. A TV station has to want to make another season. Producers have to say yes, the director has to have an idea, so do I, so again he has to to meet a lot of energy for something to happen “. – Is there a place for it? Yes, it definitely is – assured Jakub Korolczuk. So we keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, you can reach for example “The Sanctuary of Evil” – this is a Swedish eight-episode thriller, shot in the Alps and Rome. – It was a great “testing ground” for me – work on the set by Agnieszka Grochowska. – Two and a half months in overwhelming Rome, then a month in the Alps. 40 days of photos in English is a bit like starting over. An attempt to find a personality in a foreign language, mine as an actress and then a character. A fascinating trial in the company of the genius Matthew Modine, from whom you learn, even when he is joking during the break – adds the actress.

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And there is also “Moloch”. Why are people dying in flames? This question will be with the viewers of this production all the time.

Source: Gazeta

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