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Cabarets are attacking PiS once again.  Starring Mateusz Kłamus and Niedojdus Sasinus

Cabarets are attacking PiS once again. Starring Mateusz Kłamus and Niedojdus Sasinus

Jarus Minimus, Mateus K³amus, Atramentus, Propagandus Woroniczus and Ziobrus. These are the characters presented in the program “Cabaret live. Young and moral”. The satirists referred to the election campaign and pre-election rallies.

In the latest episode of the Polsat program “Cabaret live. Young and moral”, we received another installment of political sketches. What did they decide to mock this time?

Cabarets mock the actions of PiS. In the latest skit, it was not only the Prime Minister who got hurt

“Cabaret live. Young and moral” is a weekly program broadcast since 2016, in which satirists take a closer look at Polish reality. The program is hosted by Robert Górski from Kabaret Moralny Niepokoju and Robert Korólczyk from Kabaret Młodych Panów. The latest skit is called “Spin doctors – PiS” and exposes the activities of the ruling party in the ongoing pre-election campaign.

Already at the beginning they joked about the actions of the National Bank of Poland, which fights inflation so effectively that after shopping, pensioners have more money left in their wallets than they had before. Daniel Obajtek was also criticized for lowering fuel prices at stations.

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PiS cabaret empire. Ziobrus and Jarus Minimus discuss the pre-election situation

The sketch shows the PiS empire ruled by Mateusz Kłamus and Jarus Minimus. In Kłamus’s office there were the head of the Colosseum, i.e. Propagandus Woroniczus, Niedojdus Sasinus – the manager of the imperial assets, commanding the Ziobrus legions, and Atramentus, who signs everything that comes under his nose. The members of the imperial government were discussing the current political situation – they were talking about bread and games. The comedians made fun of the nepotism prevailing in PiS and also joked about the president, Atramentus.

Source: Gazeta

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