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Not “M3GAN” or “The Nun.”  People were vomiting on this horror movie, now it’s gone online

Not “M3GAN” or “The Nun.” People were vomiting on this horror movie, now it’s gone online

This year, many noteworthy horror films hit Polish cinemas. These included, of course, titles such as “The Nun” and “M3GAN”. However, the announcements show that this is not the end of film premieres for horror cinema lovers. “Terrifier 2” is coming.

This horror is a typical slasher in which blood flows in liters, the characters try unsuccessfully to avoid being murdered by a terrifying harlequin, and the world presented is so exaggerated as to be almost unrealistic. We are talking about “Terrifier 2”, which hit American cinemas on August 29, 2022, and almost immediately legends began to circulate about it, claiming that people were vomiting out of disgust during the screenings. How much truth is there in this? This is not known. However, it is known that good advertising (in this case anti-advertising) is the best lever for trade.

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In fact, “Terrifier 2” sold brilliantly. The second part of the film about a murderous clown was produced for only $250,000, and the income from its distribution is estimated at several million dollars. Meanwhile, the world premiere of this bloody film is scheduled for December this year. The film is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

What is “Terrifier 2” about?

The action of the second part of the bloody horror begins immediately after the end of the first one. This time, the mad killer will be able to count on the help of another twisted heroine. This will cause a lot of problems for the siblings: Sienna and Jonathan. However, the main character does not intend to hide in corners – she will strive hard to unravel a certain family mystery in order to stop Art’s acts of violence.

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