Colombian actress Ana María Orozco, remembered for the cult role of Betty in the successful telenovela “Betty, la fea”, conquered the public with her talent and charisma on the screen. However, his love life was also the subject of interest for many.

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Over the years, Ana María has experienced different relationships and experienced moments of love and heartbreak. Even controversies related to alleged infidelities.

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Who were the husbands of Ana Maria Orozco?

Julian Arango

Her first husband was Julián Arango, a Colombian actor who played designer Hugo Lombardi in the soap opera that catapulted her to fame. The couple got married in 1999, and their relationship lasted only a year. In the midst of filming “Ugly Betty”, they decided to end their marriage.

This relationship was not without controversy, as it was mentioned that the insults that Arang’s character directed at the actress in the soap opera influenced their split. In addition, there were rumors about Ana Maria’s alleged infidelity with photographer Pedro Franco, whom she met on the set of a popular production.

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In this regard, Arango himself denied the infidelity version. “She later had another relationship, but not during the marriage. There was nothing out of faith. I think we were in the middle of a tsunami of popularity of the series and that was it. The parting was not difficult, it was natural,” he explained in statements reported by La República.

Martin Quaglia

Martín Quaglia, an Argentinian musician, was the actress’ second husband. They were together for seven years, but ended their relationship in 2012. During their marriage, they were blessed with the birth of two daughters, Lucrecia in 2004 and Mia, who was born in 2009.

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Maxi Ghione

Apart from marriages, Ana María had other public relationships in her life. One of them was with Argentinian actor Maxi Ghione. El Tiempo reports that this romance began in 2013.

At the time, both Ghione and Orozco were going through separation processes with their previous partners. During their relationship, they openly expressed their love on social networks. However, this romance ended in 2015.

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Currently, at the age of 50, it is not known if the actress has found love again. On her social networks, she is usually quite reserved when it comes to sharing details about her private life.

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