In the end times Cristian Castro surprised with his extravagance apparel: dyed hair, colorful clothes and even visible underwear. Of course, the criticism does not stop falling on him, but he cares little or not at all.

In boxers!: Cristian Castro remained half-naked in the show with Miranda

The Mexican singer and actor thinks that his facial features remind him of a “lady”. In a recent interview with an Argentine TV show, he admitted that he is not interested in his physical appearance at the moment, because he feels the pressure that people “want him to always be handsome”.

“My aunt says please, you need to lose weight, please stop eating flour, your double chin is growing out and you have this belly, and what are you going to do now?” pick up the note Univision.

“And I say, is this really so alarming? They bring a terrible alarm there, I don’t think it’s such a big deal, we have to feel comfortable (…) I can’t pretend I’m beautiful all the timehe added.

Cristian Castro dyed his hair orange, green and purple for the Argentine reality show ‘Sing with me now’. Photo: Screenshot of El Trece

The artist believes that as time passes, men begin to adopt a lady’s style. “Suddenly I look in the mirror and say ‘I’m a lady’, I’m not even a man, I’m a lady, maybe the opposite happens to women”.

Either way, Castro reveals that he enjoys this stage where he can allow himself some license. “I really like this phase where I can feel like a ‘loser’, a loser, ridiculous, decadent, out of context and not have to fight to be ‘cool’.” (AND)