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Biedronka has a set for cold evenings for PLN 34.99.  Warm and soft.  Also in Pepco and Lidl

Biedronka has a set for cold evenings for PLN 34.99. Warm and soft. Also in Pepco and Lidl

In the latest Biedronka leaflet you will find an absolute gem for cold evenings. A soft, cotton set will bring convenience and comfort. You won’t want to take it off until spring. You can buy it for PLN 34.99, and you can also find similar ones in the offer of Pepco and Lidl. T

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As autumn arrives, the nights become colder. Therefore, it is worth choosing ones that will provide us with comfort even during the lowest temperatures. Pajama sets with long trousers will work wonderfully during this time. In such sets, you will be able to sleep peacefully, even when it’s coldest outside. You can find a set in this style in Biedronka, Pepco and Lidil.

Biedronka pajamas are soft and comfortable. Now for only PLN 34.99

Pajamas Ladybird

What do we know about pajamas from Biedronka? It consists of long trousers with a comfortable cut and a short-sleeved T-shirt. It is available in two color versions. One is dominated by delicate pink, the other by blue. Both of them are made of soft cotton material decorated with a charming pattern. Such pajamas will provide comfort while sleeping, even on the coldest nights. Additionally, they cost only PLN 34.99 per set.

Pepco has an October offer. Pajamas for PLN 40 will wrap you up on cold nights

PajamasPajamas Pepco

You can also find interesting pajamas at Pepco. The well-known store has introduced gems related to the upcoming Halloween to its offer. The set you will find there consists of a long-sleeved T-shirt and matching trousers. It is not only comfortable, but also decorated with an original pattern that glows in the dark. These pajamas are perfect not only for sleeping, but also for long lazy mornings in the comfort of your home.

Floral cotton pajamas from Lidl. This is a charming model for the fall and winter season

PajamasPajamas Lidl

For fans of classics, I found beautiful long-sleeved pajamas with a floral pattern in Lidl. It is in a delicate pink color, and its cotton cut fits comfortably on the body. This set is recommended by 100% of Lidl customers. It is worth paying attention to it, especially since its price tempts you to buy it.

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