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You put them on once and forget about the others.  These sets are the essence of charm and comfort

You put them on once and forget about the others. These sets are the essence of charm and comfort

This season, knitwear is worn from head to toe. Two-piece, single-color sets will be particularly comfortable and stylish, nicely wrapping the body in autumn.

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The fabric warms the body very nicely and effectively, and also looks very charming. Sweaters made of it have been in women’s autumn wardrobes for several seasons, but this year designers decided to increase its popularity by using it in various clothing models. Not only knitted dresses, but also monochromatic sets have become popular.

Knitted set from Reserved. It’s a comfortable choice for everyday wear

This set from Reserved immediately catches the eye due to the craftsmanship and accuracy of its design. The soft and ribbed knitwear was given one of the most fashionable and extremely universal colors this fall – light beige. The trousers have a loose, flowing cut, which makes them look great when moving and adds character to the entire styling.

Cream knitted set photo:

The blouse is also worth attention – identically striped, with a classic round neckline and delicately falling material on the sleeves finished with cuffs, perfectly complements the look, which can be complemented with either white sneakers or light and almost invisible ballet flats.

Universal and warm. Its appearance is perfectly emphasized by subdued gray

Renee offers a very similar set. However, it is not identical. First of all, the strong accent here is the gray color, which tones and calms the expression of the entire styling. The trousers have a wide, straight cut, so they will not unfavorably emphasize the thighs. The blouse in this set, in turn, is a bit more decorative – it is also made of gray knitwear, but it is decorated not with classic vertical stripes, but with a braid pattern that is extremely popular among fashion designers.

Gray knitted setGray knitted set photo:

Born2be also keeps up with trends. It offers knitted sets in a full range of colors

Born2be also offers a comfortable knitted set. The brand distinguished its model with a characteristic cut of the trousers – they reach just above the ankle and are slightly flared, which has an interesting effect on the proportions of the entire figure. The set is available in four neutral colors (gray, black, brown and beige) and one extremely expressive and feminine one – pink.

Multicolored knitted setsMulticolored knitted sets photo:

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