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Leather Wojas shoes no longer cost PLN 349, but PLN 199.  Similar gems from Gino Rossi and Lasocki

Leather Wojas shoes no longer cost PLN 349, but PLN 199. Similar gems from Gino Rossi and Lasocki

A gem appeared on the Wojas website at a great price. Shoes perfect for the transitional months on huge sale. They match everything and are super comfortable. Similar gems can be purchased on the CCC website and Eobuwie from brands such as Gino Rossi and Lasocki.

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On the Wojas website you can find real gems. One of them is leather in a beautiful beige color. Now you can buy them for PLN 199 instead of PLN 349. This is a great opportunity because the shoes will match everything. It’s a classic that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The shoes fit perfectly on the leg and are extremely comfortable. You can get similar models at CCC and Eobuwa.

At Wojas, beautiful moccasins that you can wear with everything. This is a classic that is worth having in your wardrobe

Shoes screenshot from the Wojas website

Leather moccasins in a beautiful color are a model that can be matched to everything. They will complement any style and add class and elegance. These are extremely comfortable shoes that you can wear throughout the transitional season. They look beautiful with trench coats or coats. They do not tire the legs and are shaped so as not to rub the skin. Now you can buy them at a great price.

Lasocki brand moccasins on sale at CCC. A model that fits everything

ShoesShoes screenshot from ccc website

I found beautiful leather moccasins on the CCC website. The model from the Lasocki brand will match any style. It is comfortable and does not tire the foot, and it has a color that is fashionable this season. The shoes are made of high-quality materials, so they will serve you for years. This is a timeless model that will never go out of fashion. Available on sale in two colors.

Leather wonders from Gino Rossi on Eobuwa. The price is lower than you think

ShoesShoes screenshot from the eobuwie website

You can also get beautiful moccasins made of natural leather at Eobuwa. Miracles from the Gino Rossi brand are perfect for the transitional months. They match both trousers and dresses, and even as wedding shoes. They will look beautiful with coats. It’s a comfortable model that you won’t want to take off. They have a beautiful color that fits into current trends and will delight many friends.

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