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Few people know the history of these jackets.  Now they are back in a refreshed version.  TOP 3 models for autumn

Few people know the history of these jackets. Now they are back in a refreshed version. TOP 3 models for autumn

The model of these jackets has been used for years. Few people know what the reason for their creation was. Today, their styles are adapted to any weather, so they can be worn both in spring and autumn.

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Bomber jackets reached their peak of popularity several seasons ago – then every well-known brand had at least a dozen versions of them in their offer. Today, this type of jacket is not as popular, but it is still chosen by world style icons. Outerwear originally created for bomber pilots in the 1950s, now available in knitted versions, is perfect for autumn conditions.

It’s warm and chic. It was finished with cooler autumn days in mind

This jacket is a combination of timeless cut and contemporary design. The characteristic, in this case not too dense and tasteful, wrinkles of the material at the lower edge of the jacket and the ends of its sleeves look extremely interesting. Also noteworthy are the perfectly vertical pockets and the button-fastened collar, which is also a break from the traditional one usually associated with bomber jackets. This style and wool in the material are a sure bet for the fall season.

Wool-blend bomber jacket photo:

Universal and classic. You can wear this bomber jacket every day

Plain knitwear always looks tasteful, especially in black. This was used in the design of this oversized bomber jacket, which makes it a very warm and comfortable choice on colder days. Additionally, it is exceptionally smooth, so it goes well with jeans, a skirt or a dress. The jacket owes its universality to, among other things, straight sleeves, large pockets, a round but slightly raised collar and a snap fastening hidden under the placket.

Black bomber jacketBlack bomber jacket photo:

Imitation teddy bear fur jacket. She is charming, warm and fashionable

Imitation fur appears in current collections in various versions. They can be noticed as a decorative element of shoes, accessories or, as in this case, as a complete outerwear material. Thanks to this, this classic, beige bomber jacket not only looks nice and warm, but also works well in the transitional season.

Transitional bomber jacketTransitional bomber jacket photo:

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