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These Lasocki shoes from the CCC sale are comfortable and will slim your calves!  Similar in Reserved and Deichmann

These Lasocki shoes from the CCC sale are comfortable and will slim your calves! Similar in Reserved and Deichmann

Low shoes are not only flat shoes, but also very feminine high-heeled models. Such Lasocki brand shoes can be found in the CCC offer. I also found similar ones in Reserved and Deichmann.

Lasocki high-heeled shoes. These models will slim your calves

Shoes usually have a flat sole, but you can often find high-heeled models in stores. This is perfect footwear for the beginning of autumn, when it is still too early for boots because it is still quite warm. I found stylish and fashionable high-heeled shoes at the CCC sale. These are shoes of the Polish brand Lasocki. These are interesting models because they combine feminine and masculine styles.

Lasocki shoes photo:

The shoes are laced, so they can be associated with elegant men’s shoes, and at the same time they have a thick, quite high heel of 8 cm. They are made of natural grain leather. Their big advantage is their comfortable cut. Even though the heel is high, the shoes are stable thanks to the block heel. This is the perfect solution: they will visually slim the calf, but without taking away the comfort of walking.

They are black in color, which makes them timeless, elegant and can be worn with anything. Lasocki shoes will match both jeans and a knitted dress or a pleated skirt.

High-heeled moccasins from Reserved. Classic and elegant

Classic and feminine high-heeled shoes can also be found at Reserved. The Polish chain offers black loafers made of imitation leather, with a stable, but high heel. Such shoes are a classic of elegance! They are an ideal choice for women who like moccasins but want to visually slim their legs. Shoes from Reserved can successfully replace elegant high heels or pumps. They will definitely be more comfortable.

Reserved shoesReserved shoes photo:

Such shoes will be perfect even for work, but rather in companies that do not have a very restrictive dress code. How to wear them fashionably this season? They will go well with, for example, gray straight-leg trousers, a long denim skirt or a flared midi skirt.

Deichmann low-heeled shoes. They have an interesting texture

Very interesting and less minimalist shoes can be found in the Deichmann offer. These are Lords by Graceland. They have a low heel, 3 cm high. These are black shoes made of imitation patent leather.

Deichmann shoesDeichmann shoes photo:

The texture of the material, which imitates crocodile skin, adds elegance and class. Additionally, these high-heeled shoes have been enriched with golden details. Lords from Deichmann are models that will definitely spice up both everyday and formal styles.

Source: Gazeta

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