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Pay attention to this when caring for roses in a pot.  One mistake and they will not bloom for long

Pay attention to this when caring for roses in a pot. One mistake and they will not bloom for long

Miniature roses are a beautiful decoration that must be cared for properly. Check what mistakes you should not make and what to do to ensure that they bloom healthily and delight the eye for a long time. It turns out that caring for miniature roses is not complicated. Here’s what’s worth paying attention to.

For some time now, miniature plants that can be grown in pots have become increasingly popular. They are beautiful, colorful and delight with their delicacy. It is a great decoration for the windowsill, table and decorative shelf in the living room. How to care for miniature roses? We give you a hint.

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How to water miniature roses? Thanks to this, they will bloom beautifully

Miniature roses usually do not grow higher than 40 cm. They most often bloom in summer, and may even repeat flowering, which will last until October. However, everything depends on proper care. This variety should be cared for slightly differently than a garden variety. Provide all roses with a bright location with diffused light so as not to accidentally burn their leaves. The substrate should be moderately moist and the leaves should be frequently sprinkled. If you forget about this, the leaves will fall off quickly and the flowering will be much shorter. In summer, you can place miniature roses in a pot on the terrace or balcony. Don’t do this until after the frost ends. Repot the plant at least once every two years. Cover the bottom of the pot with a few centimeters of drainage (pebbles or expanded clay will work).

How to choose miniature roses? Please pay attention to this in the store

If you like a miniature rose decoration, there are some things you should pay attention to before purchasing it. We’re talking about the condition of the plants. Choose those specimens that are covered with green, juicy leaves and have many buds and flowers. It is better to skip those that are withered, dry, yellow and show signs of diseases or pests. Such plants are difficult to get into good condition, so it is better not to choose them.

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