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Horror movies 2023: 5 terrifying productions for fearless viewers.  Be afraid…

Horror movies 2023: 5 terrifying productions for fearless viewers. Be afraid…

Horror movies 2023: 5 terrifying productions for fearless viewers.  Be afraid…

Do you think nothing can scare you? Check it out! The best horror movies of 2023 are five strong propositions that will appeal to fans of horror stories. See the latest installment of the “Saw” series and come face to face with the Boogeyman. Fans of stories about demons will also find something for themselves here.

The best horror films of 2023: “The Exorcist. The Confessor”

See 2023. If you are interested in stories about demons and possession, you cannot ignore the production of “The Exorcist: The Confessor” directed by David Gordon Green. The terrifying film, long awaited by fans of the cult “The Exorcist” from 1973 (directed by William Friedkin), will debut in cinemas on October 6.

Exorcist. Follower Screen Kino Helios Polska /

Viewers who find the courage to go to a blood-curdling screening will learn the story of two girls and their families facing the effects of powerful, terrifying forces.

New horror movies 2023: “Evil Dead: Awakening”

Scary news? Horror Movies 2023 is also a dark spectacle made by Lee Cronin. Sinister powers, well known from Sam Raimi’s production “Evil Dead” from 1981, return with a vengeance.

Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), a single mother of three children, lives in an apartment building scheduled for demolition. The family receives an unexpected guest, Beth (Lily Sullivan), Ellie’s sister. At the same time, teenage Danny (Morgan Davies) finds a sealed book and vinyl records. The boy does not realize what consequences he will have to face when he decides to turn on the discs he found. Soon the heroes begin a desperate fight for survival.

Horror movies 2023 worth watching: “The Pope’s Exorcist”

For those who can’t get enough of stories about possessions and powerful demons, another option for a successful horror screening will be the production directed by Julius Avery – “The Exorcist of the Pope”, based on real memories.

Russell Crowe as 'The Pope's Exorcist'Russell Crowe as ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ photo: UIP / Press materials

It is the story of an Italian priest, Gabriel Amorth (played by the excellent Russell Crowe), the chief Vatican exorcist. A priest is tasked with investigating a case involving a boy whose family moved into an old monastery.

The scariest horror movies of 2023: “Boogeyman”

The scariest horror films of 2023 also include “Boogeyman”, an adaptation of the excellent book by Stephen King. Rob Savage is behind the camera of this terrifying tale.

A sister and her younger brother mourn the death of their beloved mother. The children’s world becomes even darker when a supernatural creature appears in their home, preying on the pain of its victims.

Horror Movies 2023: “Saw X”

Which 2023 horror movies should be on the list of horror movies worth watching? “Saw X” directed by Kevin Greutert closes the list of the five scariest stories from this year’s releases. Watch the next installment of this powerful series and see what traps await the heroes of this show.

John (Tobin Bell) is struggling with cancer. In search of help, he goes to Mexico to try an experimental therapy. After the procedure, it turns out that he was a victim of fraud. A man seeking revenge begins working on new, cruel traps.

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