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Joanna Szczepkowska directly about Brudziñski’s words.  “I am prepared for the worst”

Joanna Szczepkowska directly about Brudziñski’s words. “I am prepared for the worst”

Joanna Szczepkowska has been involved in social activities for years. Recently, she appeared on stage during the Million Hearts March in Warsaw and announced that the end of PiS rule was near. She also referred to the scandalous words of Joachim Brudziñski, who called all artists present at the march “patocelebrities”.

Last Sunday was an incredibly hot day in the ongoing election campaign. Two high-profile events took place then – the Million Heart March organized in Warsaw by the Civic Coalition, which was also supported by other opposition parties, and the PiS convention was held in Spodek in Katowice. Nearly a million people took part in the march in the capital, and in Silesia the ruling party managed to gather 15,000. people.

Szczepkowska says directly what she thinks about Brudziński. “I hope he will be held accountable.”

Many artists who oppose the narrative led by the ruling camp took part on the stage of the Million Heart March. One of such people was Joanna Szczepkowska, who, together with Majka Jeżowska, Piotr Gąsowski, Andrzej Seweryn, Katarzyna Grochola, Małgorzata Ostrowska, sang on stage the song “I love freedom” from the repertoire of Chłopcy z Plac Broni.

The actress also referred to the famous scene from “Dziennik Telewizyjny”, where the host announced the end of communism. She decided to paraphrase the famous words and said to the gathered crowd: “On October 15, 2023, PiS will end in Poland.” Joachim Brudziński did not like the behavior of these artists, who assessed their attitude on social media:

The victory will not be decided by ‘patho-celebrities’ shouting curses on the streets of Warsaw or marching in hats with eight stars. Only humility and hard work can give us victory! The vote of a voter in Włoszczowa has as much power as the voice of Owsiaks or other Skibs mad with hatred,” he wrote on the website X (formerly ‘Twitter’).

Szczepkowska reacted to these words in an interview. “There is no limit to surprise and insults that Joachim Brudziński cannot invent. It does not surprise me at all and it does not impress me in the slightest, I am prepared for the worst. I would be surprised if such words were said by someone from a different political party, but in In this case, we are dealing with a man who shouted: ‘The whole of Poland is laughing at you, communists and thieves.’ There is hope that one day such people will be held accountable,” Szczepkowska said.

The actor also stated that there are insurmountable limits when it comes to reacting to insults from government officials: – Of course, if comparisons to fascists are made, as we witnessed recently [wobec twórców filmu Agnieszki Holland “Zielona granica” – przyp. red.], legal action must be considered. Meanwhile, I am happy with what I saw at the march – a crowd of smiling people, something incredible! This is extremely encouraging.

The cinema star also spoke out on social media. “May it come to a third time”

Szczepkowska also revealed in a Facebook post that her appearance at the Million Hearts March was unplanned. Katarzyna Grochola encouraged her to say the words about the end of PiS. “When we sang everything for the first time and were waiting for the chairman to come in, suddenly the singer Urszula came up to me and dragged me to the middle, saying that I shouldn’t be on the edge but in the center. And then suddenly Katarzyna Grochola, standing behind me, whispers that it would be good if I she repeated the sentence about the end of communism with changed content and date, of course. I also tell her in a whisper that it is not fixed and I cannot suddenly cut into something that already has a planned rhythm and is watched by millions. […]

I took the microphone and said what came to my mind when I saw these crowds and this sky. It went something like this: ‘When I said in ’89 that communism had ended, it happened in a closed television studio. Now I say this in the open, in front of an open Poland. Ladies and gentlemen, on October 15, 2023, PiS will end in Poland. It was such an adventure. My second one. And hopefully there will be a third one, when I will be able to repeat the same thing, only in the past tense,” she concluded.

Source: Gazeta

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