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Does not use expensive washing agents.  He claims to have found a better way

Does not use expensive washing agents. He claims to have found a better way

One TikTok user recently shared his discovery. The man claims that it is more profitable to use hair shampoos for washing than expensive chemicals. However, this has a certain drawback.

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The Sun was the first website to write about using shampoo instead of laundry detergent. They were inspired by a man with the nickname . He uses TikTok as a platform to communicate with the wider community. In short recordings, he shows fragments of his reality: gym training, meals, and also shares his thoughts.

In one of such videos, he talked about his washing method. “I ran out of laundry detergent, so I used shampoo instead of powder and conditioner instead of fabric softener,” he said. His method caused a great stir.

Does not use expensive washing agents

Dan poured hair shampoo into one chamber and conditioner into the other. Then he set the washing machine to 30 degrees and spin speed 1600. Then he turned it on. What effect did this have? – Some may say it doesn’t work. In my opinion there is only one side effect. When you’re outside and it’s raining, your clothes will start to foam, he said.

The man noted, however, that he and his wife have been using this method for years, because washing with cheap hair shampoo does not burden their household budget as much as buying expensive powders and rinses. He claims that one bottle is enough for 25 washes.

“My kitchen was full of soap bubbles”

However, Internet users do not share his enthusiasm. “I only did it once and my kitchen was full of soap bubbles”, “Don’t forget about the rash”, “It scares me that so many people do it” – we read in the comments. However, there are people who practice shampooing. “I used this shampoo to wash dishes and laundry. It did its job.” “I’ve been doing it for years,” they wrote.

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