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Do I need a permit for a bench in a cemetery?  Check before you cause problems

Do I need a permit for a bench in a cemetery? Check before you cause problems

A bench placed next to the grave in the cemetery is a practical solution, thanks to which you can rest and reflect on the deceased in peace. Unfortunately, its implementation is not always legal. What should you pay attention to to avoid consequences?

All Saints’ Day is fast approaching. For this reason, many people visit cemeteries in advance to clean up peacefully. There are benches next to some of the tombstones. However, it turns out that this is not always a legal solution.

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Can you place a bench next to the grave? More and more people use this solution

A bench placed next to the grave of the deceased is a practical solution that we choose more and more often. It makes it much easier for the elderly or people with problems to visit the cemetery, during which they want to quietly reflect and remember their loved one who has passed away. While its implementation usually does not pose any major technical difficulties, the legal issues are quite the opposite. It turns out that arbitrariness in arranging the bench is not always tolerated. What needs to be done to make everything legal and without any later problems?

Do you want to put a bench in the cemetery? Check first if you can

If you plan to choose a bench, first read the regulations of this place or the generally available rules for managing the surroundings of graves located in municipal cemeteries of a specific city. This is where you will find all the necessary information, not only about placing a bench, but also about planting plants or renovating the monument.

Who gives consent to build a bench? Report to the manager

The cemetery administrator decides about the passages between the tombstones. So if you want to build a bench, it’s best to ask him for permission. The same applies to any other changes you wish to make, not on the tombstone, but around it. The speech includes: about renovating a monument or planting plants, and above all, bushes and trees, which may then significantly impede movement along the alleys. So if you want to build a bench, it is best to ask the manager for permission. Failure to comply with the rules or lack of consent may result in unpleasant consequences, such as its removal.

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