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Care “just like in the old days” is coming back into favor.  It costs PLN 5 and is worth having it always at hand

Care “just like in the old days” is coming back into favor. It costs PLN 5 and is worth having it always at hand

This type of soap is coming back into favor. The care of our mothers and grandmothers is experiencing a renaissance. It is suitable for the care of all skin types, it costs little, and the effects are comparable to the use of expensive cosmetics.

Gray soap was first produced in Poland in 1918 under the name Biały Jeleń. This brand is particularly associated with a cult product that was present in the homes of many Poles. Traditional gray soap, also known as potassium soap, is a natural, plant-based and vegan product. Its main advantage is its versatility, as it can be used not only for facial skin care, but also for the entire body.

A beauty hit from the times of the Polish People’s Republic. What is the secret of gray soap?

Gray soap, which is most often found in stores, is mushy and light yellow or yellow-brown in color. Effectively removes dirt without irritating or sensitizing it. It can be used to wash not only your hands but also your entire body. Additionally, it also works great as a washing agent, successfully replacing other detergents that may cause an allergic reaction. The product is fully natural and hypoallergenic, does not contain allergens, artificial dyes, fragrances and ingredients of animal origin. It includes:

  • a mixture of potassium salts,
  • sodium chloride,
  • glycerin,
  • citric acid,
  • carboxylic acid.

Get to know the unique properties of gray soap. Irreplaceable for washing your face?

More and more people are wondering about natural care alternatives, which, unlike other cosmetics, can not only irritate the skin, but also have a negative impact on our health. That’s why more and more people reach for gray soap, the price of which is approximately PLN 5. As a product, it also has a number of properties that have a beneficial effect on the skin. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for people with problematic skin.

  • It cleanses and helps fight bacteria that can cause various types of skin infections.
  • It has a normalizing effect, reducing sebum secretion.
  • It has the ability to absorb toxins and impurities.
  • Helps rebuild and nourish the skin.
  • It has antibacterial properties and prevents the appearance of new acne outbreaks.
  • It soothes irritated skin, fighting itching and redness.
  • Unblocks pores and gently dries.
  • It supports regeneration and helps reduce swelling.

Before using gray soap, wash your face or body with warm water so that the product can penetrate better. Apply a small amount of the product to your hands and gently massage into the skin. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry the skin with a soft towel. Remember that gray soap may dry your skin slightly. So don’t forget to apply a moisturizing cream or balm after washing your face or body.

Source: Gazeta

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