The seven episodes that will make up the third season of Lupine are getting closer every day to their premiere on Netflix and fans are looking forward to the return of Assane Dion, played by Omar Sy, who was featured in the most recent teaser about the Series .

In this episode, scheduled for October 5, the man inspired by a literary character to avenge his father returns to his wife and son in Paris to propose that they start a new life elsewhere; However, his plans are thwarted by the appearance of a ghost from his past, as reported by Sensacine.

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As Elle magazine notes, Lupine has become one of the biggest French hits and, so that no one is bothered by the wait, the streaming platform gives its users the opportunity to enjoy the talent of Omar Sy in a film that promises to entertain them.

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Wait for Lupine with an Omar Sy movie

Omar Sy is a French action star and this is demonstrated in the film Incompatible 2, the second part of an action and comedy franchise that becomes the best entertainment option before the premiere of the third season of Lupine.

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In this production, Sy and his partner, played by Laurent Lafitte, investigate a mysterious murder linked to a rural town in France governed by a strict far-right mayor, according to what was published by Diez Minutos.

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The film, which will be released in 2022, has a running time of two hours and is set 10 years after the events of the first part, although it can also be seen on its own.