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In Medicine, a beautiful dress for PLN 49.90 that will slim your shoulders and lengthen your neck.  Similar in Reserved and HM

In Medicine, a beautiful dress for PLN 49.90 that will slim your shoulders and lengthen your neck. Similar in Reserved and HM

Sometimes even a small element of a dress can have a strong impact on the perception of the entire silhouette. This is the case with a V-neck. I found dresses with this type of neckline in Medicine, Reserved and HM. They will slim your arms and lengthen your neck!

Purple dress from Medicine. This model is feminine and fashionable

While looking for V-neck dresses, I came across a model from Medicine. It is now on sale and costs only PLN 49.90. It’s a fitted mini dress. It is distinguished by ruffles with cuffs on the sides, which add originality and emphasize the hips. Additionally, this model has long sleeves and a rather deep V-neck. This is a feminine proposition. The cut emphasizes the shapes and exposes the female figure. Even though it is a fitted model, you can also count on a slimming effect. The V-neck will slim your shoulders and lengthen your neck.

The Medicine dress in a fashionable purple color is perfect for everyday use, but if styled appropriately, it can also be worn for parties and celebrations with friends. In autumn, it is worth wearing high, black ankle boots with ties. For a party, you can choose silver boots. Such metallic shoes are a hit for fall 2023and in combination with a purple dress they will look very good.

Medicine dress photo:

Reserved knitted dress. It has an interesting cut and a neckline that will slim you

Women who want to optically slim the upper parts of the body and lengthen the neck can also pay attention to a black dress from Reserved. This is a very fashionable knitted model made of ribbed material. It has a rather deep V-neckline, which adds femininity and slims the shoulders, and also highlights the bust. The color of the dress is also an advantage. Black always slims and hides the shortcomings of the figure. In addition, it is a universal model that fits into the minimalist trend.

Reserved dressReserved dress photo:

It’s also hard not to pay attention to the original design. The Reserved dress has an asymmetric bottom, shorter in the front. It looks original and will definitely stand out from the crowd. The knitwear is now on sale, 40% cheaper and costs PLN 59.90. It can be worn with ankle boots, e.g. cowboy boots or Chelsea boots.

H&M wrap dress. It fits the figure beautifully

I found an impressive dress that can also nicely shape the figure in the H&M collection. The chain offers a model in one of the most fashionable colors for fall 2023, i.e. flame red. Moreover, the dress has a very fashionable envelope cut. The folded neckline is V-shaped, slimming and at the same time emphasizing the advantages.

HM dressHM dress photo:

Moreover, the envelope cut emphasizes the waist. The H&M dress is priced at PLN 79.90. What will it match? Definitely with black, long autumn boots and biker jackets. However, you can also opt for a feminine styling with pumps and a jacket.

Source: Gazeta

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