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Which Netflix series is the best?  Those interested can watch 3 titles.  They can get 10,000 for this.  PLN

Which Netflix series is the best? Those interested can watch 3 titles. They can get 10,000 for this. PLN

Many fans of movies and TV series certainly dream of such a job. In the United States, a recruitment has been announced for people who will undertake unusual work. Their task will be to watch the most popular productions from Netflix’s offer at a given time and then give an honest opinion. What rate was offered to those interested?

Do you know what binge-watching is? It is compulsive viewing of series, or rather, absorbing episodes without interruption, one after the other. On this occasion, there is even an unofficial holiday in the United States, the date of which is fast approaching. To celebrate, the Online Casinos platform announced an unusual competition. What conditions must be met to participate?

A unique competition has started in the USA. How to get paid for watching series?

According to the portal, the Online Casinos platform decided to take advantage of the opportunity to organize a competition that will undoubtedly appeal to all series lovers. We are currently looking for people who will decide to watch the three most popular productions for a month. We’re talking about “Squid Game” and “Wednesday”. The aim of the plebiscite is to resolve the long-standing dispute about which of them is the most engaging, and therefore also the best.

We want to get to the heart of a popular debate: Which series is really the most popular on Netflix?

– inform the organizers. Why were these titles chosen for the plebiscite? According to the website’s statistics, they are the most popular among subscribers. In total, they were displayed on the website for 5.7 billion hours, which is over 650,000. years.

The competition conditions are very simple. How much will the winner receive?

The rules are simple and, apart from watching carefully, do not require any special involvement. Immediately after the screening, each person will have to give a score on a scale from 1 to 10 in several different categories. The most crucial issue, however, will be whether a given production is interesting, intriguing and whether it can completely engage the viewer. Thus, it will also be necessary to estimate the probability and chances that viewers will watch a given series again.

The winner, i.e. the person who watches all 51 episodes and evaluates them according to the guidelines, will be selected in a draw. The main prize from the organizers is $2,000. Additionally, there is also a pool of $500 that he can spend on snacks, as well as a subscription if he doesn’t have one yet or wants to extend it. The total amount of the prize is therefore PLN 2.5 thousand. dollars, which is over 10 thousand. zlotys.

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