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Throw sweaters made of this material into the trash immediately.  You’ll only sweat in them instead of keeping warm

Throw sweaters made of this material into the trash immediately. You’ll only sweat in them instead of keeping warm

A sweater is a must-have item of clothing in the fall and winter season, so if you don’t have it yet, it’s worth going shopping. You will find many different models in stores, so you can easily choose something for yourself. What should you pay attention to to make it not only pretty, but also warm?

As summer ends, store shelves begin to brim with sweaters, and the most popular among them are those made of acrylic. All because they are relatively cheap and often come in fashionable patterns, cuts and colors. Apparently, a person not familiar with the quality of the material may think that they have found a perfect sweater, nice, soft and relatively cheap. While polyester and its effects are probably unknown to anyone, the situation with the mysterious-sounding acrylic is different. Is it really worth buying?

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Is it worth buying an acrylic sweater? There is one answer

When choosing the perfect one, it is worth paying attention not only to its appearance, but also to the material from which it was made. All because the main task of this element of clothing should be to provide us with thermal comfort on colder days. Does acrylic work well in this situation? Definitely not, because it is artificial air that does not allow air to pass through. For this reason, not only does it not heat you up, but it also causes the body to quickly start sweating excessively, which makes wearing very low.

It is also worth knowing that producing clothing from acrylic is harmful to the environment because it consumes huge amounts of energy and oil, and the entire process releases many harmful substances into the atmosphere. Despite so many disadvantages, acrylic sweaters have one “advantage” – they are cheap to produce, which is why so many companies choose them.

Are you looking for the perfect sweater for fall and winter? Choose these materials

So what sweater should you choose that will be not only fashionable, but also warm and comfortable? Instead of spending money on several models that will be thrown away after one season, it is better to save and buy one that is decent and fulfills its function. Cashmere sweaters will definitely work, as they are also soft to the touch, or made of . In the second case, just make sure that the material will not “bite” you, as it can be rough. Although their price may seem prohibitive, rest assured that it is an expense that will last you for years and will serve you wonderfully. In a cheaper version, you can also choose a cotton sweater. Natural fabrics are much more permeable to air, which means we sweat less and are pleasantly warm at the same time.

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