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The style hated by many is back!  We used to wear trousers like this, now we wear handbags.  Will they be a hit in the fall?

The style hated by many is back! We used to wear trousers like this, now we wear handbags. Will they be a hit in the fall?

We used to wear trousers in this style, and today we choose handbags that, although small, can hold all the most necessary things. Even though this style was not very popular a few years ago, it has now made a great comeback. Will there be another hit?

Danuta Stenka or Joanna Brodzik once wore trousers in this style. Then in the 2000s, all women loved them. And although this model may not be the most feminine, it has recently come back into favor. The younger generation also loves this style of trousers, but it can be noticed that nowadays, instead of trousers, we choose handbags in this style.

Cargo fashion – but not trousers anymore

Cargo style is a combination of casualness with a bit of military character. Heavy trousers with pockets, although they were popular in the early 2000s, also returned last season. And although this model has many opponents, this style has been the main theme recently.

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However, the time of heavy and unfeminine trousers is slowly passing away. However, this does not mean that we say goodbye to the cargo style. On the contrary! In the autumn season, it will still rule, but only in accessories! Of course, we are talking about cargo-style bags, which have recently been breaking popularity records.

Cargo fashion is not going away – it continues in a different version

Cargo bags are a hit now! Like the trousers before, they are distinguished by their strong character and many pockets. That’s why the list of their fans is long – these models are not only very stylish, but also very spacious!

Cargo bags come in both small and larger sizes, so each of us can find our perfect model. The character of small handbags refers to the famous “baguette” model or the controversial “bum bag”, which conquered the catwalks of the largest fashion houses this season.

Larger models are a combination of street fashion and elegance. The chic design makes the cargo-style bag easy to take with you to work or to important meetings, and at the same time, thanks to its modern appearance, it is perfect for everyday styling.

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