Renowned Argentinian producer Bizarrap surprised his followers on the night of Monday, September 25, when he changed his username on social networks without any explanation or prior notice. The change happened on the Instagram platform, whose nickname @bizarrap became @bizapop, he even changed his legendary signature BZRP to BZPP.

Of course, fans were quick to notice the decision, feeling confused. Many began to develop all sorts of possible theories to explain the change. Judgment? Most believe that a new kind of collaboration is coming, but their followers have yet to figure out what their nature is or who the artists will be.

Bizarrap profile, now Bizapop, on Instagram. Photo: Screenshot

Within the theories, some followers agree that a new session with his compatriot Lali Espósito could happen, which would mean a big change in his Musical Sessions, which typically mix trap, electronica and hiphop.

Without any prior indication or explanation, the Argentinian producer changed his username from Bizarrap to Bizapop. Photo: Screenshot

What is certain is that the South American musician is recognized by the public for excellent campaigns of anticipation when he announces his new songs. This time is more special than all, because he just received multiple nominations for the next Latin Grammys.

In fact, through his This week, something from Bizarrap is coming…”. (AND)