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Do you take dirty dishes out of the dishwasher?  The cutting board may be a problem.  How to deal with it?

Do you take dirty dishes out of the dishwasher? The cutting board may be a problem. How to deal with it?

What to do if you keep taking unwashed dishes out of the dishwasher? It turns out that the culprit is not always a dirty device or food leftovers. What else should you pay attention to to prevent the problem from recurring?

A dishwasher is a device that can be found in almost every apartment. It allows you to easily save time and money. However, for it to function properly, you need to make sure it is clean and the dishes are properly arranged. What should you pay special attention to when you keep taking out unwashed plates and glasses?

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How to clean a dishwasher? Choose regularity and the dirt and unpleasant smell will disappear

If the dishwasher does not wash the dishes, first wash the device thoroughly. Most of them have a ready-made program that you just need to turn on. Don’t forget to clean the filter regularly, where food remains collect. In addition, from time to time add lemon zest to dirty dishes. This way you will get rid of unpleasant odors and stains.

Are you still taking unwashed plates out of the dishwasher? You’re probably putting them together wrong

If, despite regular and thorough cleaning of the dishwasher, you still take out unwashed dishes, pay attention to how you put them inside. Always keep cutlery in a designated place – it can be a pull-out drawer at the very top or an additional basket, which should be placed in the lower drawer between the plates, saucers, frying pans, bowls and other pots placed there. Remember to place deep dishes at a slight angle and not to block them at the front, e.g. with a flat plate. Store mugs, glasses and bowls on the top drawer, upside down. Thanks to this, you can be sure that water and detergent will reach every nook and cranny.

How to place a cutting board in the dishwasher? This way nothing will block

While cups or plates usually pose no problems when it comes to properly arranging them in the dishwasher, a cutting board can be troublesome. Especially when it still has a long handle. To prevent it from getting in the way, put it in the lower compartment of the drawer, perpendicular to the plates. Don’t forget that only glass and plastic boards are dishwasher safe.

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