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4 pcs. for PLN 29.99.  The set from Biedronka is worth having in every kitchen.  Gems also in IKEA and Pepco

4 pcs. for PLN 29.99. The set from Biedronka is worth having in every kitchen. Gems also in IKEA and Pepco

This set from Biedronka cannot be missing in any kitchen. It is useful every day and on special occasions. In addition, now for 4 pieces you will only pay PLN 29.99. I also found similar ones for you in Pepco’s offer and at IKEA.

Although the weather forecasts are still spoiling us, it cannot be denied that autumn is slowly transforming the landscape, and the evenings and mornings are becoming colder. The coming time of cold and dark days heralds more and more often spending evenings under a blanket with a glass of hot tea.

To make the autumn and winter weeks more pleasant, Biedronka has introduced a set of 4 glasses at an attractive price in which you can easily serve warming drinks. They are also similar in Pepco and IKEA.

A set of glasses from Biedronka will make the coldest evenings more pleasant. Colored ears add charm to them

What do we know about glasses from Biedronka? They have a capacity of 300 ml and their classic form is diversified by colored ears. You can buy a set of four glasses with a navy blue, black or mustard accent, which you can easily match to the rest of your kitchen equipment.

Glasses Ladybird

You can easily serve hot drinks there, such as winter tea or herbal infusions. The price for the set is only PLN 29.99.

Discover the set of borosilicate glass glasses from Pepco. They will maintain the temperature of the drink

GlassesGlasses Pepco

If you are wondering where else you can find interesting glasses, it is worth taking a look at Pepco’s offer. There is a set of two glasses made of borosilicate glass available distinguished by double walls. They allow you to maintain the temperature of your drinks, which will allow you to enjoy your warming drink for longer.

You can buy a mug at IKEA for a few zlotys. Made of tempered glass, perfect for tea

Glass mugGlass mug IKEA

However, you can find the lowest price at IKEA. There is a mug made of thick tempered glass that you can easily use for your favorite coffee or tea. Its price is only PLN 3.50which is an opportunity that is hard to find in the market.

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