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This autumn blueberry fertilizer is a vitamin bomb!  Just pour water over it and wait a week

This autumn blueberry fertilizer is a vitamin bomb! Just pour water over it and wait a week

If you take proper care of the American blueberry, it will produce large and sweet fruits. Soil rich in nutrients and regular watering are not everything. The plant needs fertilizer to help it grow quickly and healthily. You can prepare it with ingredients you have at home.

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Blueberries are one of the most popular choices for the garden or for planting on the plot. It grows best in acidic soil. It likes light, permeable and humus soil. Providing it with appropriate conditions is crucial if we want to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Otherwise, the roots will not be able to absorb nutrients and will stop developing.

Autumn fertilizer for blueberries. Don’t throw it away, just pour water over it

Instead of buying ready-made preparations, make ecological blueberry fertilizer from products you have at home. In this way, you will effectively acidify the soil and supply it with nutrients. One way is to use stale bread. Pour 2 kg of old bread, crushed into small pieces, into a 10-liter container. Pour water over everything and leave in a warm place for 7 days. Remember to stir daily. Once the bread begins to ferment, spread it around the blueberries and mix in the soil. Water the plant with the water remaining in the container. The mixture stimulates the roots to develop and strengthens the immunity of blueberries.

What is the best fertilizer for blueberries? Recipe for homemade manure

Compost that you make yourself from plant remains will also work very well. Collect twigs, shavings, bark, cones, oak leaves and pine needles. They can be both fresh and dried. Choose a bucket with a capacity of 10 liters and use 1:1 proportions, e.g. half a bucket of cones and half a bucket of needles. Pour water and press the items inside so that nothing flows out. After 10 days, slurry will be created, which should be diluted with water (1 liter of water per 1 liter of slurry). Water the blueberries with the resulting decoction once every two weeks.

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