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How much can Rafa³ Brzozowski earn at a concert this Christmas?  We know the stakes

How much can Rafa³ Brzozowski earn at a concert this Christmas? We know the stakes

Rafa³ Brzozowski is not only a presenter and host of entertainment programs on Polish Television. Our representative for Eurovision 2022 is already filling the calendar at the end of the year. How much do you have to pay to come and sing?

Christmas and New Year’s concerts are a chance for singers to earn the most money throughout the year. And although it is a big sacrifice, many stars accept this type of orders without a second thought. The reason is, of course, money. It is known how much he wants for the concerts, and he sent a price list of Christmas performances.

How much will Rafał Brzozowski earn per concert?

Management by Rafał Brzozowski – concert price list, valid for the coming months and holidays. The singer has a busy schedule not only on television – on his days off he has time to go to Poland and sing, for example, the song “The Ride”, with which he tried to win Eurovision, or “In the hotel room”.

Obviously, he doesn’t do it for charity (although there are such concerts in his repertoire). If you would like to organize a commercial performance by Rafał Brzozowski, you have to pay about PLN 30,000 or PLN 40,000 – depending on the date and program.

“Ordinary” concerts, which are not necessarily related to December, are cheaper – according to, for the entire performance you will pay PLN 25,000 gross plus additional costs (e.g. hotel accommodation for ten people of the singer’s team). A Christmas concert is a higher cost – organizing such a performance already costs PLN 35,000 gross and additional costs. After each concert, Rafał Brzozowski meets the audience.

The singer has been trying hard to break away from the label of a TVP presenter for several years. The victory in Opole gave him wings, but it was not a debut for him. Brzozowski has released several albums and performed in various music programs: “Szansie nazdrowie” and “The Voice of Poland”.

Source: Gazeta

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