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She played Dr. Quinn and Solitaire alongside James Bond.  Her life is a script for a movie

She played Dr. Quinn and Solitaire alongside James Bond. Her life is a script for a movie

You could talk about Jane Seymour for hours. The talented actress is involved in charity and social activities, and her long-term friendship with Olivia Newton-John can be an inspiration for many people. Although Seymour was most popular in the 1990s, her extraordinary life and relationships continue to attract attention.

Jane Seymour was born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg on February 15, 1951 in Hayes, England. When she was a child, she went to the Arts Educational School in Tring and dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but her plans were ruined by a knee injury. Then she decided to try her hand at acting and came up with the pseudonym Jane Seymour, referring to the Queen of England, the third wife of Henry VIII.

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Jane Seymour’s international career. She was made famous by the famous agent 007

The young actress made her debut in 1969 as a chorus singer in Richard Attenborough’s musical film “Oh, What a Beautiful War!” Her real recognition came only with the role of Solitaire in the film “Live and Let Die” from 1973. Many people couldn’t forget the beauty from the latest James Bond. This role opened the door to an international career for her and made her recognizable all over the world.

Jane Seymour did not rest on her laurels. She played a number of characters in films and series, gaining recognition from critics and viewers. The actress is known, among others, from productions such as “East of Eden” or “Onassis – The Richest Man in the World”. Polish viewers associate her primarily with the series “Doctor Quinn”.

The relationship with Joe Lando did not last long. Jane Seymour met a director

While working on the set of the latter production, Jane Seymour met actor Joe Lando. Their roles attracted millions of viewers and brought them fame. A special bond was created between the actors – both on and off the screen. Lando supported Seymour, who was going through a life revolution at that time after breaking up with David Flynn. The single mother found support in the actor. The acting couple had a fiery romance, which was described in the tabloids. However, it turned out that not for long.

Although Jane Seymour and Joe Lando’s relationship was full of affection, fate will present a challenge before them. Before the decision was made to continue the series “Dr. Quinn”, the actress starred in the thriller “In Arizona” and met director James Keach, who quickly stole her heart. Jane decided to end her relationship with Joe. Lando was embittered because he had previously declared that Seymour was the woman in his life. After many years, however, the actors rebuilt their bond and became friends. They also starred together in the film “A Christmas Spark”, which premiered in 2022.

Jane Seymour had two children with James Keach – twins Kristopher and John. Shortly after his affair with the actress, Joe Lando found love with Kirsten Barlow, with whom he has four children.

A great friendship between two actresses. Jane Seymour and Olivia Newton-John were very close

Jane Seymour was friends with Olivia Newton-John for years, who became most popular thanks to her main role in the musical “Grease”, in which she played alongside John Travolta. The artists met at times of life trials. Olivia Newton-John spoke openly about her fight against breast cancer, becoming the voice of many people struggling with this disease. Jane Seymour, aware of the difficulties that accompany the fight against cancer, was next to her friend, supporting her with all her strength. This mutual presence in difficult moments became the foundation of their friendship.

Olivia’s death was a huge blow to Jane. The actress said in interviews that she remembered her friend fondly.

When we met, I was intimidated because he was such a big star. It quickly turned out that Olivia was a wonderful person. Our friendship was based on similar experiences. We experienced our ups and downs and all important moments together – from weddings and the birth of children to health problems. We were each other’s confidants

– Seymour said on the “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast shortly after Olivia’s death.

She was taking a lot of medication because she was in excruciating pain. She could barely walk. She was incredibly weak, and yet she was able to remain optimistic and cheerful. Even though she gained fame, she remained authentic and honest. I have never seen her cry or be negative about anything

– added the actress.

Despite life’s challenges and intense work, the artists managed to find time for each other over the years. Moreover, they willingly expressed admiration for their achievements in the media. Olivia Newton-John appreciated not only Jane Seymour’s talent as an actress, but also her determination in painting and designing jewelry. In turn, Seymour admired Newton-John not only as a great singer, but also as a person with extraordinary strength of spirit.

Jane Seymour, now 72 years old, is still professionally active. In addition, he is also happily involved in social and charity activities. It is, among others, ambassador of UNICEF, but she also joins the fight against breast cancer. Seymour also loves all kinds of art and educational projects. It supports the development of culture by inspiring young artists to express themselves through various forms of art.

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