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“Pedophile hunters” detained Gabriel Jarret.  The actor wanted to date a 13-year-old girl

“Pedophile hunters” detained Gabriel Jarret. The actor wanted to date a 13-year-old girl

As reported by the Daily Mail, Hollywood actor Gabriel Jarret was caught by “pedophile hunters” on Sunday evening. The man was supposed to meet a 13-year-old girl he met on the Internet.

The arrest took place on Sunday evening in Santa Monica, where Gabriel Jarret made an appointment with a 13-year-old he met on the Internet. One of the members of the “hunters” group pretended to be the girl with whom the actor had been chatting since May 2022.

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Hollywood actor, Gabriel Jarret, detained by “pedophile hunters”

At the time of his arrest, Gabriel Jarret allegedly explained that he did not know that the girl was underage and that he had planned the meeting specifically to tell her not to contact him again. “Pedophile hunters” provided all records of conversations between the teenager and the teenager and attached a recording of the event.

How do “pedophile hunters” work?

The group of “pedophile hunters” also operates in Poland. Its members set up fake accounts on social media, posing as children and teenagers. When a conversation between an adult and a potential victim turns illegal, team members hand over the collected evidence to the police.

Gabriel Jarret’s career gained momentum in the 1980s, when he starred in “Real Genius” and “The Karate Kid Part III”, among others. Although he has two very famous titles from that time under his belt, today he mainly plays episodic roles in niche productions. He appeared in the films “13 Minutes”, “The Grind”, “Poseidon” and “Last Days”, among others.

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