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Will “Oppenheimer” beat “Barbie”?  It is at the very top in the box office ranking

Will “Oppenheimer” beat “Barbie”? It is at the very top in the box office ranking

For now, “Barbie” is considered the most profitable production of 2023, but the leader’s position in the ranking does not determine its ultimate success. The competition is growing stronger day by day, because just a few weeks ago no one expected that “Oppenheimer” would bring more profit than initially expected. Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s production has already earned $912.5 million and is still climbing up the box office rankings.

is one of the three productions that dominate the box office rankings. First comes, of course, . Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster has so far earned $1.4 trillion. Over the last weekend (September 15-17), the film’s gross was $4 million, which is still a very good result considering it premiered almost two months ago. Only new productions are higher in the ranking, for example “Ghosts in Venice” or “The Nun 2”.

“Oppenheimer” in first place in the box office ranking?

To get to the top of the ranking of the highest-grossing films, “Oppenheimer” would also have to beat another highly profitable production, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”. So far, it has earned $1.3 trillion and is the biggest competition for “Barbie”. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was a hit in Europe, including Poland, where it earned over $6 million.

Christopher Nolan’s highest-grossing films

Despite its success so far, it is not the most profitable production. Two titles achieved better financial results: “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”. Both productions grossed over a billion dollars. “Oppenheimer” had a slightly more difficult task, considering that the film has a higher age rating, which in turn partially limits its box office profits. So far, Christopher Nolan’s production has managed to beat “Bohemian Rhapsody” from 2018. The film grossed $910.8 million at the time.

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