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Sandra Bullock returns to Netflix with the movie ‘the Unforgivable’

“Netflix is ​​telling stories that would not see the light of day in theaters. And many times they are stories with women, stories of different cultures, “said Bullock.

Knowing how to forgive and be forgiven, accept mistakes and close wounds. On that reflect Sandra Bullock on The Unforgivable, a gritty and intense Netflix drama about a murder convict who, upon release from prison, it does not succeed in getting society to reintegrate it into its bosom.

“Nobody is good at all and nobody is bad at all,” he said in a video call with Eph.

Oscar winner for The Blind Side (2009), Bullock premieres this Friday, November 10, this film directed by the German Nora Fingscheidt and where they also appear Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio and Aisling Franciosi.

The Unforgivable focuses on Ruth (Bullock), a woman who, after serving her sentence for killing a policeman, tries to reunite with her little sister (Aisling Franciosi) despite the fact that society puts a thousand obstacles to her reintegration.

This film is a new collaboration between Bullock and Netflix after the success of Bird Box (2018).

“Netflix is ​​telling stories that would not see the light of day in theaters. And many times they are stories with women, stories of different cultures: stories that are not Marvel films, “defended the actress and producer.

Question. On The Unforgivable the good ones are not always good and the bad ones are not always bad.

Answer: Nora always said that she wanted to make sure that each character had two faces: the face that we look at and that we judge, and the other face that, when we turn and see it, we say “oh, I didn’t see that coming”.

This is real life. Nobody is good at all and nobody is bad at all. We are born under circumstances that are beyond our control, life puts us in situations that are beyond our control and that shape us.

I found this movie to be a really smart and exciting way to show human beings in a story that I thought would be very exciting to watch.

At the end of the film, I think you would have to ask yourself what kind of person would you have been in such a situation, what would you have done.

Based on your training, your life, and the cards you’ve been given that are beyond your control, I don’t think we would know what each of us would have done. Just because you think you would not have acted in a way does not mean that 80% of the population, who were born into poverty, would have done exactly the same as you.

Film ‘Bird Box’ receives mixed reviews on networks

Question. After getting out of jail, how does Ruth deal with a world that doesn’t accept her?

Answer: She is used to that. She was born into a world that rejected her, that did not allow her to progress and be a girl. She was born into a world in which she had to mother a little girl, protect her and save her, even though she had not brought that little girl to this world.

But still, every pore of Ruth’s skin knows how the world will see that little girl and what she will probably do to her when she grows up because that’s what happened to herself.

When she gets out of jail, being the same person who entered, Ruth knows that no one sees her, she knows that she is dispensable, she knows that she does not exist. All he has are the memories of his little sister, whom he had to leave behind.

She is everything he wants, but all society wants is to keep Ruth away from that little girl because of her actions.

It’s heartbreaking, but you see Ruth constantly picking herself up again every time someone knocks her down. And you as a spectator wonder why he doesn’t simply give up: ‘Be happy out of jail, be happy with what you have, leave that girl alone who is now almost an adult, go with your things, you don’t deserve her’ . (…) There are many big questions that this movie asks.

Question. Why is it so difficult to ask for forgiveness and accept forgiveness?

Answer: Well, we’d love for those who have hurt us to tell us, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry that I hurt you. What can I do to repair it?

That would be the ideal, but 90% of those people who want us to ask for forgiveness do not care about our pain. You carry that anguish, that anger, that anger (…), but with that you only hurt yourself.

So you come to a point where you wonder if you want to live the rest of your life contaminated and stained by that anguish or if you want to find a way to let it be and move on with your life and experience other kinds of joy.

It just takes time, and it can be a long time, but if you are mindful and honest about it one day you may wake up and you no longer care about that.

It is difficult not to get hurt, it is difficult not to remember the damage that someone has caused you. You would rather someone made it a lot easier for you and just said “I’m sorry” and stooped at your feet. But it doesn’t work that way even though we hope it will (…).

It’s a different answer for each person, you know? When I see stories of people who have experienced incredible pain, incredible loss at the hands of a third party, and I see them forgiving them, I bow down to those people. It’s like I want to know what is within those people who found that genuine forgiveness for someone who took their child from this planet. That absolutely impresses me. (I)


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