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Jero Freixas and Jose de Cabo, the ‘World Cup couple’ that encourages the Tri: “Let’s go Ecuador”

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The first goal of World Cup Qatar 2022 and the historic triumph of a host country in an inauguration, not only was celebrated by Ecuadorians, but by all of Latin America, Jero Freixas and Jose de Cabo they are one of them. The famous ‘World Cup Couple’ He was present at the match that Ecuador had with Qatar last Sunday, and some more fans of the tricolor felt.

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It is the first World Cup that the Argentine couple shares and how could it be otherwise, they are documenting everything, without neglecting the particular humor that has characterized each of their videos on social networks.

“Come on Ecuador damn”, “Do not break the eggs with the VAR”, are some of the expressions that the Argentine influencer says and that he recorded with his cell phone camera. This is how you can see a Freixas scream with emotion and exclaim with anger at the goal disallowed by the referee, against the Ecuadorian team.

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In one of the short clips of the video, he can be seen celebrating Ecuador’s first goal with the tricolor fans, including the musician Jose Trujillo Y the sports journalist ‘The samba’ Alvarado.

“We went to bank La Tri”wrote the influencer in his networks.

The video that collects the different emotions of the influencer couple was shared on their social networks. In this you can see how the Argentine fan misses the company of his wife, who had gone to buy food. “The first goal of the World Cup and Jose missed it”, expresses in the video Freixes.

“You know that this is going to be the first time that a local team loses in an opening”says Jose later, who plays the character of a wife who has to deal with her husband’s uncontrollable passion for soccer.

However, they have not ignored their sadness over Argentina’s defeat against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, November 22. This can be seen in a video they shared.

“It was a party. The emotion of seeing this team play in a World Cup was enormous. The hope, the dream. Later, the result that we did not want and hopelessness. Today we rest and tomorrow the team that brought us here continues to be encouraged with the same enthusiasm (or more)”, wrote the Argentine fan on her Instagram account.

How was ‘The world couple’ born?

Freixas is an actor, but given the economic conditions, he worked as a messenger for many years. Something that made him feel very unhappy. But everything started to take another turn when a coworker of his showed him a funny video on Instagram. So review in a note Business Insiderfrom Mexico.

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After watching this video he was encouraged to write, act and edit his own skits. His wife Josefina joined this adventure, with whom he has two children.

This is how some videos were born that little by little began to go viral, and in which he exposed the different conflicts that a couple usually faces. “A few months before the World Cup (Russia 2018), I started making videos in which Jose appeared on camera with me. When she appeared we would make videos of funny things about the couple. People liked it.” Freixas told this Mexican medium.

A year and a half passed like this, but despair appeared when they noticed that it was difficult for them to grow and reach more users. It was when he thought that doing something for the World Cup, back then, was a good idea.

This is how Jose and Jero shared a video in which they argue because her cousin had invited them to his wedding on the same day that Mexico would play against South Korea. For Jero, the World Cup matches are always fundamental, she is capable of stopping her entire life to sit down and watch one.

This video from four years ago was what made them go viral, today it has more than 3 million views. “Many people thought that this video was a hidden camera that Jose made of me. The news the next day in the world was: Argentine couple discussing a marriage’”, recalls Freixas, who had to clarify that everything was staged.

Since then they have been dubbed the ‘World Cup Couple’ and have not stopped sharing digital content, reminding their followers that love, football and passion often generate tense moments, which can be overcome with humor.

Four years ago they shouted the goals of their beloved Argentina from their room at home, today they cheer on their team from the stands in Qatar and feel very grateful for it. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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