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The magicians take over Guayaquil during the first congress to be held in the city

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Magic has a long history and magicians have been entertaining crowds for millennia. In fact, the one performed by the magician Dedi in ancient Egypt has been recorded as the first magic trick. And the first recorded magic act was the cup and balls trick, which is still performed today.

Magic mystifies and delights people of all ages; no one is immune to a touch of Abra Cadabra! You only have to look at the popularity of detective novels, movies, plays, and TV dramas to see that most people love trying to solve a mystery. And just look at the resistance to folk tales based on magic, the supernatural, and superhuman powers: we love to be surprised by things we can’t explain.

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What is more difficult to explain is why the mysteries seem so attractive to us. According to experts, we are programmed to want to give meaning to the world.

In this sense, Dellepiane Max Antón, a Uruguayan magician who came to Ecuador to stay and even start a family, is shown to be excited and motivated. He is not unknown, since his magic acts have captivated various entertainment venues in our country.

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Ten years ago he came to the country hired by the MAAC; then they offered him work in other places, such as the Sánchez Aguilar Theater, which is why he extended his stay. In other words, this performing arts graduate put down roots in Guayaquil and has traveled to ten other countries, where he has left his magic and has also prepared himself professionally. In addition, he gives talks and conferences. In total, he has 24 years of experience.

Dellepiane Max Antón, Uruguayan magician.

Antón is the one who organizes Perla Mágica, the I Magic Congress of Guayaquil. “I was looking forward to doing it a few years ago. I had to do it quickly, because the Theater (Art Center) had no more dates available, in addition to the fact that the group of magicians is small in Guayaquil, but little by little we created it and now we have more fans who love the art of magic . I think this congress will be a before and after, because it has been very well received. In fact, when an event like this begins, as shown by experiences in other countries, it will be the beginning of other editions, thus adding more people interested in magic”.

Why organize a magic congress in Guayaquil? Dellepiane responds that these events are held worldwide. “Magic congresses have existed for many years. Even there are competitions such as Flasoma (Latin American Federation of Magical Societies), which takes place every three years in a different country in South America, or the FISM (International Federation of Magical Societies); The best magicians in the world attend the latter, where they obtain the title of ‘the best’. To be able to participate in these congresses, an association of magicians is needed; Quito and Cuenca do have these associations, but Guayaquil does not. So events like this are the first step to having an entity or group of pillar magicians in this city. In congresses, as in any discipline, attendees absorb valuable information for their career. For this reason, those who attend the Magic Pearl will witness something historic for Ecuadorian magic.”

Miguelito, magician from Quito.

Due to the budget, in this first congress there will be mostly Ecuadorian magicians; but, as Antón hopes, next year will be more international. “Of course, the best magician from Cuenca, from Quito will be there; the best of Guayaquil (Alex and Jordy, Guillermo Argudo, Darío Fernández, Jack Rey); Rumbaut, from Cuba; and I, representing Uruguay. The important thing is that those who want to attend do not necessarily have to be experienced magicians: they can be amateurs to any performing arts or people who want to venture into magic for the first time”.

The programmed activities begin with the accreditation. “Of course, we started on time,” says Max. It will be at 1:30 p.m. The agenda begins with two tributes. “They are for two legendary magicians from Guayaquil: one is Sullivan (Alejandro Emilio Galarza, who died in 2021) and Olmedini (Olmedo Rentería), who lives in New York, where he is very famous. Then we move on to the talk-conferences: the first with Miguelito (Quito), an expert in children’s magic; then we go to a competition in which we open quota for all those people who have a magic routine, be it scenic, close up or salon, that can compete. We already have some registered. The prize will be $100 in cash and souvenirs magical. There will also be a fair dealers, in which magic accessories can be purchased. Then comes the next conference, by Juan Estrella (Cuenca), a specialist in cards or card magic. At 5:30 p.m. the event begins for the general public, that is, the gala. It is for anyone who just wants to see the magic acts of the nine magicians on stage, for about an hour and a half”, he says.

Rumbaut, magician of Cuban origin.

To not forget

magic pearl

Date: November 27, 2022

Place: Art Center Theater – Multiarts Room


  • Package 1: Congressman ($30), with access to conferences, to the fair dealergala Show and see the competition.
  • Package 2: Gala ($20), with access to the gala only Show of magic.

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Source: Eluniverso

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