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Tricks that will help you find Amazon discounts for Black Friday

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Amazon is one of the leading digital stores in the industry. Many users shop at Amazon for its cheap prices, the convenience of home delivery and, every Black Friday, countless deals on items in various categories.

If you want to take advantage of the promotions that Amazon launches in the week leading up to Black Friday and you have a limited budget, we recommend that you follow the following tricks to boost your search for discounts on the platform.

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Search in the ‘Offers’ section

This is the best-known tip among regular Amazon customers, since the Offers section is usually overflowing with discount items. In the week of Black Friday, the sales increase much more for users who are pending.

Tech deals abound around Black Friday at Amazon.

Choose the specific category

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Some offers on Amazon usually last a few hours or minutes, so if you are not attentive to the website you can miss them. To make your purchase more efficient, look for promotions directly in the categories of the products you wish to purchase.

Deals on children’s toys that you can find on Amazon for Black Friday: the “most desired” of excellent brands and at a very good price

Use the secret code

Not all Amazon shoppers know about this trick to narrow their searches, but once you use it you won’t be able to stop doing it. What you have to do is copy the following code: ‘&pct-off=10-99′ at the end of your URL at the top of your screen. This is to show you only items that are between 10% and 99% off.

To get even more out of this code, replace ’10’ with any other number less than 99, and you’ll only find discounts between those values.

Check the product

A search on Amazon can return several options for the same product, with a wide variation in prices. If an item is extremely low in price, it may be a scam or hoax. Therefore, before getting carried away by the discount, verify that it is the product you want and that it has all the necessary specifications.

Be wary of the reviews

A product with 5 stars and a long, well-written review may be fake. Certain brands hire profiles to raise their sales rating and attract real customers.


Source: Eluniverso

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