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Do you want to start your own business? These are the 10 commandments for entrepreneurship, according to experts

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90% of the enterprises that are exhibited at local fairs in Guayaquil are managed by women, details bethlehem shepherdstrategic management manager of the Municipal Public Company for the Management of Innovation and Competitiveness. ‘Epic’the entity’s initials, has been in business for three years and has assisted more than 37,000 beneficiaries in talks and programs to develop their ideas and ventures.

“Jewellery, accessories and gastronomic-related businesses are the most common among women,” he explains. Shepherd, admitting that 94% of these arise informally, a stage that if not handled on time, can negatively influence the future of the business. “Taking your business seriously is essential to build a good business base”, is what he thinks Andrea Salgadofrom Guayaquil who six years ago chose to bet on the culinary sector.

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Épico’s ventures participate for the first time in the Park Fair, which will take place on Panama Street this Saturday, July 16

“Was born Sailor Coffee When I was studying in New York, I started working in an Australian cafeteria and I realized that this concept did not exist in Ecuador,” she says. Andrea, who accepted the challenge of giving a different experience to something that was already implemented. “Almost all the cafeterias here were quick-service: come in, eat, come out and get paid. I realized that they dispensed in disposable cups and there was not that experience of sitting down and sharing a specialty coffee”.

In 2016, when he opened his first store in GuayaquilSalgado He made several mistakes that he now uses as lessons to prevent other entrepreneurs from going through the same thing. “Doing things right from day one” such as opening a bank account is one of the “commandments” of salty for those who want to be their own “bosses”.

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Every good idea involves effort. @Andreasalgadoo explains that sometimes being lazy to carry out paperwork or saving money can have long-term consequences. That is why he has put together 10 commandments for every entrepreneur in a list:

  1. You will do things right from day one. This includes taking your business seriously, opening a bank account just for your business, and not bundling your personal expenses with those of your business.
  2. You will issue invoices when you have to. Many entrepreneurs do not invoice and that ends up being illegal and misleading.
  3. You will hire a good accountant to help you boost your business, calculate your costs well and set prices that help you make a good profit.
  4. You will realize that entrepreneurship implies a radical change in your life. You no longer work nine to five, now you work 24 hours a day. Yes, it is true that you can go out for lunch, you can make a sandwich in the middle of the day and you can even take a nap, but the rest of the day you have to work the same and at any time you are the person who has to solve the problems.
  5. You will plan your project well. You will do market research, you will develop a brand strategy and you will not have your logo made without first knowing who you are, who you want to sell to, and what impact you want to have.
  6. You will not start with just an idea, you will start with an opportunity.
  7. You will use the digital tools that you have at your fingertips. If at first you only have enough for free social networks, start with instagram Y TikTok publishing daily, but then if you can already afford a web page, it is super important to make that investment.
  8. You will create a good work environment and you will get along well with your employees. You will communicate what you want to achieve so that they know exactly what your vision is, your way of treating the client and how to make them become loyal to your brand.
  9. You will adapt to your business and your business will adapt to the world. Your business is going to have many changes from the day you open it and how much you can adapt to your market, to the demands of your customers, and to the world in which we live is what will determine if it will survive or not.
  10. You will learn to manage your time correctly. Entrepreneurs want to do everything ourselves, but if we don’t learn to delegate or trust someone else, we will never have the space or time to really grow the company.

The Ecuadorian, who currently lives in New York, managing her business from abroad, wants to encourage people to surround themselves with people who motivate them to excel, “especially in November, the month of entrepreneurship.” (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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