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7 movies in which football is the protagonist, to watch in ‘streaming’

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How many people are watching the Soccer World Cup that takes place in the emirate of Qatar? It is estimated that about 5 billion. Between games, here are some options to stay focused on the sportsmanship of this tournament, from now until December 18, the day of the final date.

1. Kung Fusion (2001)

Stephen Chow directed and starred in this mix of comedy, soccer, romance and martial arts. In fact, soccer is one of the martial arts in this story, which takes place in Hong Kong reimagined as the Old West. It was a box office success, and Chow admitted to being inspired by super champions to write the script. He plays Mighty Sing (Iron Leg), a young kung fu expert who commands the Shaolin Team. In the Netflix catalog.

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2. Playing as Beckham (2002)

Again a comedy, directed by Gurinder Chad, this film received the ESPY Award for Best Sports Film, as well as boosted Kiera Knightley’s career, then a teenager. It is the story of how two girls (Knightley and Perminder Nagra) defy their parents and their schools to play soccer. And of course, Beckham makes a special appearance.

3. Foosball (2013)

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After making The Secret in Their Eyes, the Argentine Juan José Campanella opted for football and 3D animation to tell how a boy sees the players on his table football come to life. And all this in the midst of a fight to save an entire town. At the time, it was the most expensive Argentine film, due to the quality of the technology used. It’s on HBO Max.

4. Pele (2021)

For a little more reality, this one hour and 49 minute documentary tries to capture the long career of the Brazilian player, eternal contender for the best soccer player in history, in the context of a difficult time in his country. Directed by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas, uses shots of Pele from its inception. On Netflix.

5. Screaming and kicking (2005)

will farrell He plays Phil, a nice guy who agrees to be the head coach of his son’s soccer team, and soon realizes that he’s in a real battlefield, easily rubbing off on the euphoria and competitiveness. A family comedy and a title appropriate for all ages. On Netflix.

6. The other Maradona (2014)

This is a tribute to the man who was the first 9 to play with Maradona. Goyo Carrizo was the boy who got Diego Armando the money to go from his house in Villa Fiorito to the club’s auditions The Onions, the children’s soccer team that welcomed him at the age of 9. In addition, he recommended it to the coach, and thus they formed a duo. The other Maradona collects real facts and gives them a touch of fiction. It’s on Prime Video.

7. Fixed (2020)

In 2010, the Bahrain team played against Togo, and won 3-0, and according to the BBC, the players returned happy but surprised that it had been so easy. Then it was discovered that the game was so ‘fixed’ that Togo never actually sent their team. Someone created a fake template and took it to the court. Luckily, it was a friendly match, supposedly agreed between the two countries. But someone had cheated them. Director Karl van der Berg explores corruption in sports through this hilarious feature film. Fixed up It’s on Prime Video. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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