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St. Andrew’s fortune-telling: wax pouring, lottery with cards. What are the famous St. Andrew’s games?

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St. Andrew’s divination for children – not only teenagers and adults can fortune-telling

Fortune telling is something that is an inseparable part of our tradition. St. Andrew’s evening precedes the beginning of Advent, i.e. the time of waiting for Christmas. On this day, both adults and children have the opportunity to relax a bit and play “looking into the future”. St. Andrew’s fortune-telling for children will work well if we organize a party for younger members of the household. It is important, however, that the selected fortune-telling and games are chosen according to the age of the children. Below you will find suggestions for St. Andrew’s games for the youngest.

  • Moving shoes – this game is great for children, especially since it must be played by at least two people. Participants have to take their shoes off their left feet and place them one by one, starting with the one furthest away from the door – the corner of the room. Then the children have to rearrange the shoes so that the one at the end is at the beginning. We repeat this activity with the children until a shoe is at the door. Attention, because the owner of the shoe can start preparing for the organization of his wedding or if he is too young to find a significant other.
  • Fortune telling with a coin and water – we stand at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the bowl, which is filled with water. We have to think what we want and flip a coin. If we manage to hit the coin in the water the first time, it means that our wish will come true later this year. If it succeeds on the second try, the wish will come true in the coming year. In a situation where both attempts fail, it will mean that the wish will unfortunately not be granted.

Fortune-telling for St. Andrew’s Day. Learn fortune telling for couples

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these are games that are also useful for people who have already found their second half. During St. Andrew’s Day games, we can check whether we fit together, whether our relationship will continue to develop well, or whether we will encounter any unexpected difficulties. Of course, divination and St. Andrew’s games should be treated with a grain of salt because no game or prophecy should be an indicator in a relationship. One thing is certain – St. Andrew’s fortune telling for couples will surely bring you a lot of laughter and joy.

Married couples or long-term couples can, for example, tell each other the name of a child – we cut out a large heart from paper and write male and female names on it – only one side can be written. It is good to write the names at a distance from each other and in small handwriting. Then one of the partners pierces the heart with a pin and checks what name he got and whether it will be a boy or a girl. If he missed and missed, it means that the couple will wait for the child.

St. Andrew’s fortune telling – what to do to make it come true?

Can fortune-telling come true? Both children and adults have dreams. Each of us would like them to come true. Some dream of traveling, others of success at work, school or starting a happy family. Will St. Andrew’s evening help us fulfill them? Well, it’s just fun, but still, it’s worth remembering that all holidays are magical, and St. Andrew’s Day is a celebration of love and hope, so it’s always worth hoping for your dreams to come true.

St. Andrew’s divination: pouring wax through a key is the most popular St. Andrew’s game

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St. Andrew’s divination, in which we pour wax through a key, is the most famous and most popular divination. Probably all of us have played this game at least once in our lives. It involves melting the candle wax and then pouring it into cold water. The shape that will be created can be freely interpreted, which will certainly bring us a lot of joy. However, be careful not to melt the entire candle. A small piece with the wick must be kept and lit when the hardened wax is removed from the water. In the glow of an unburnt candle, the wax that we take out of the water will cast a shadow on the wall that will tell us the future. Please note that it is worth pouring wax through the keyhole.

Source: Gazeta

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