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Polish celebrities criticize the “Hunger Games” in Qatar: 100% politics, 0% football

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The World Cup in Qatar is special for several reasons. This is the first ever World Cup held in the autumn and winter season and the first in a Muslim country. For a long time, the biggest football celebration did not arouse so many controversies. There were protests around the world about this.

No respect for human rights, no support from fans

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Celebrities massively boycott the World Cup in Qatar due to the violation of human rights by their host. They indicate, among other things, the lack of legalization of same-sex marriages and the poor working conditions of immigrants, often condemning workers to death. It is estimated that several thousand people may have lost their lives. This year’s World Cup is also against the principles of fair play. The organizers are accused of corruption, and the stands are filled with bribed spectators.

The Sunday Times has suggested that FIFA vice-president Mohamed Bin Hammam bribed members of four African football associations and 26 other federations with a total of $5 million to vote for Qatar as the 2022 World Cup venue. While nothing has been proven in the investigation and FIFA has denied the allegations, the BBC revealed that 16 of the 22 officials who decided Qatar to host this year’s World Cup were suspected or formally accused of corruption. The voices of criticism are also heard in Poland. Native actors, musicians and journalists are critical of the championships in Qatar. They do not spare strong words.

They are public figures, privately – football fans. Bitter comments

One of the people publicly criticizing the organization of this year’s World Cup is the actor and theater director Olaf Lubaszenko. The artist has been associated with football for years – fans know him best from the role of Olek Grom in “Football Poker”. In his youth, he also played in the junior section of Legia Warszawa. In a post on Instagram, he admitted that although he is a football fan, it is difficult for him to get excited about the event in Qatar.

The World Cup in Qatar begins. I greet him, as you can see, without a smile, in a slightly closed position. And in slightly dull colors. Will we find the enthusiasm to get excited about an event that raises so many doubts…?

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– he wrote under the photo in which he poses in the outfit of the Polish national team.

Tomasz Wolny, TVP journalist and host of “Question for Breakfast”, comments on the championship even more bluntly. He is of the opinion that in their case “absurdity chases absurdity”.

Choosing Qatar? Mafia style. Fraud, corruption, 100 percent. politics, 0 percent balls. Stadiums? Shed with the blood of thousands of workers who died during their construction. Human rights? Broken, chewed, spat out. Hired and disguised fans. Time? November… November. The absurd sits on the absurd and drives the absurd.

– he wrote on Instagram. Wolny was only positive about the decision prohibiting the sale of beer at stadiums, although in the case of such a controversial event “a sober look hurts”. The comment was accompanied by a bloody graphic showing the statistics of people who died in Qatar due to poor working conditions.

The co-founder of Perfect and publicist Zbigniew Hołdys also referred to the organizational aspects.

Since the Qataris did not provide the Jews with kosher food (which they promised), they should serve them pork chops when they come to visit somewhere.

he wrote on Facebook.

Female voice and five stars

Paulina Młynarska, a journalist, radio presenter and former actress, also referred to the terrible working conditions in Qatar.

6,500 workers from various countries (mainly from Asia) lost their lives working for the “football festival” in Qatar. Nobody is able to count how many have lost their health and will never see any compensation. The Hunger Games, feudalism, the most toxic form of patriarchy.

– he comments bluntly, quoting exact numbers.

Equally strong is the commentary of the actor Lesław Żurek, who used graphics referring to eight stars known from anti-government manifestations. It has five stars and the word “Qatar” on it.

Among the foreign stars who are boycotting the World Cup in Qatar are m.in. Dua Lipa, Rod Stewart, The Cure and Shakira.

Source: Gazeta

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