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They were together 34 years.  After Patrick Swayze’s death, the family began to accuse her of forging her will

They were together 34 years. After Patrick Swayze’s death, the family began to accuse her of forging her will

He was a female idol and a movie star of the 80s and 90s. In 2008 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The death of Patrick Swayze shocked not only the fans. His wife stayed with him until the end, but the actor’s family began to accuse his widow of forging his will. To this day, she has not forgiven her.

Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952 in Houston. His mother was a dancer and choreographer, his father a draftsman. He wanted his son to become a professional athlete, but his football career was cut short by a serious knee injury. Patrick was even threatened with amputation. Dance classes helped him regain his fitness. It was with dance and the stage that he linked his future. He eventually moved to New York City and made his first steps on Broadway. He made his screen debut in 1979. Four years earlier he had married his sweetheart, Lisa Niemi.

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From Broadway to Hollywood. The role in “Dirty Dancing” brought him fame

In the 1980s, Patrick Swayze began appearing in more productions, including “Outsiders”, the series “Renegades”, “North-South” and “M*A*S*H*”. He got his first major role in 1984 in the drama “Red Dawn”. On the set of the film, he met Jennifer Gray, with whom he met again in 1987 in “”. It was the film directed by Emile Ardolino that brought him the greatest fame. Shooting was difficult, as Gray and Swayze had not liked each other since “Red Dawn”. Fortunately, they managed to sort out the misunderstandings. After “Believe in the spirit” he became the idol of women. And although crowds of fans loved him, he remained faithful to his wife.

“Dirty Dancing” was a huge success, so plans for a sequel quickly emerged. Swayze reluctantly agreed to participate in the second part of the cult production. He received $5 million for the short episode (compared to $200,000 for his role in “Dirty Dancing”), but the production turned out to be a flop. His last role was in the 2009 TV series The Beast.

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed in 2008. After his death, the family accused his wife

A year earlier, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought, but metastases appeared, and the doctors’ prognosis was not good. It faded in the eyes. Finally, on September 14, 2009, it was announced in the media that the actor had died. In accordance with his will, the body was cremated and the ashes were scattered at his ranch in New Mexico. His wife, Lisa Niemi, with whom he spent 34 years, was by his side until the very end. She herself willingly told the media about their great love, she presented herself as a loving wife. The Swayze family, however, had a different opinion.

Relatives did not believe in the last will left by the actor. In it, he disinherited his parents and four siblings, although they were in the previous version. The new one went to the lawyer a few weeks before Patrick Swayze’s death. There were also cases of infidelity and even long-term abuse of her husband. Lisa Niemi denied everything. In 2014, she remarried and sold Patrick’s ranch.

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