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What will an adult Prince George look like?  Some see a resemblance to a popular actor

What will an adult Prince George look like? Some see a resemblance to a popular actor

Prince George is now 10 years old, but what will he likely look like in the future? The first child of Prince William and Princess Kate may resemble one of the famous actors. Here is a visualization of artificial intelligence.

The popularity of the royal family is not weakening, as evidenced by new visualizations, e.g. regarding their appearance. All thanks to artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to generate a probable picture of the future. What’s more, it plays an increasingly important role in our lives, and although this tool was intended to be a daily assistant facilitating the handling of many different matters, it is also becoming more and more often used for commercial purposes. This time, photos of Prince George created by AI technology appeared on the web. The 10-year-old is second in line of succession to the British throne behind his father, William.

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This is what an adult Prince George might look like in the future. What portrait has artificial intelligence created?

Artificial intelligence created an image of an adult human based on photos from childhood. This time, a photo of Prince George appeared on Instagram and how it can change over the years. Almost from the moment of birth, the boy has been compared to William’s father. Some Internet users also noticed the resemblance to the young Leonardo DiCaprio.

He looks like Diana’s father.

Mom and dad connection.

Like a young DiCaprio.

There is no doubt that he will be very handsome in the future.

Some netizens are outraged. They appeal in the comments to stop such activities

Fans of the royal family expressed their disapproval of using AI for such purposes and considered it pointless. There were many requests to stop similar activities under the post. The comments read:

Should someone edit photos of children without parental consent?

Leave the baby alone.

Let children be children.

It’s terrible! Stop doing it!

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