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On the first date, instead of flowers, he gave her a jar of pickled cucumbers.  “It had to end with a wedding”

On the first date, instead of flowers, he gave her a jar of pickled cucumbers. “It had to end with a wedding”

Łukasz Nowicki has proved more than once that he has an unusual sense of humour. His current wife, Olga Paszkowska, found out about it even before they became a couple. On the first date, instead of flowers, he gave her a jar of pickled cucumbers. They have been happily married for 7 years and today they create a patchwork family.

is one of the most popular actors and presenters in Poland. He graduated from the theater school in Krakow, played on the stage of theaters and in numerous productions, but the greatest recognition was brought to him by the program that he co-hosted on the air for years. However, this stage is already behind him, because a few days ago he announced the end of cooperation with the station to be able to spend more time with his family.

On the first date, he gave her a jar of pickled cucumbers. It has become their tradition

Łukasz Nowicki’s first wife was the singer Halina Mlynkowa, whom he married in 2003. Soon after, their firstborn, Peter, appeared in the world. Although they were considered a compatible and happy couple in the industry, their paths eventually parted in 2012. However, the actor did not remain lonely for long. During the spectacle “Man of Two Bosses”, in which he played, Olga Paszkowska sat in the audience, along with their mutual friends. They both drew attention to each other. Nowicki decided to invite her for coffee, but then she did not express interest. “I texted him to leave me his phone number and when I’m ready I’ll call you.” A year earlier, I had separated from my son’s father and thought it would be safer to focus only on motherhood – said the woman in an interview for the portal.

However, Nowicki’s “electrifying” voice kept ringing in her head, so she decided to make the call. They arranged a casual meeting, where the actor, famous for his unusual sense of humor, appeared not with flowers, but with a jar of pickled cucumbers. Apparently, it captivated her, because in 2016 they secretly married in Bali. “I was laughing to myself that it had to end with just a wedding. To this day, every anniversary I get a jar of cucumbers – said Paszkowska.

Nowicki and Paszkowska create a patchwork family. What does the beloved actor do?

Today, Łukasz Nowicki and Olga Paszkowska, 13 years younger, are happily married. The actor’s beloved performs on the stage of the theater in Zielona Góra, she is also associated with the Studio Theatre. She appeared on the screen many times in such productions as “First Love”. However, she treats acting as a side job. She devotes much more attention to her work as a psychotherapist and yoga trainer.

In 2018, the fruit of their love, daughter Józefina, was born. They also raise children from previous relationships together. The actor’s wife also has a son from a previous relationship, Zachary. “Our patchwork family is the family of my dreams, based on diversity, respect and partnership. Sometimes someone from the outside reminds me that we are non-standard – said Paszkowska in an interview.

Source: Gazeta

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