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She wanted to earn money one last time as a surrogate.  She was left without money and with twins

She wanted to earn money one last time as a surrogate. She was left without money and with twins

For some women, being a surrogate is an opportunity to earn extra money. They just have to meet certain requirements of their biological parents and draw up a contract. And what happens to the children if things don’t go according to plan?

When all attempts and solutions fail and the couple still cannot conceive a child naturally, they face very difficult decisions. often between abandoning dreams of parenthood or adoption. In some countries, it is still possible to hire a surrogate. A surrogate is otherwise a “surrogate mother”. An embryo is implanted in her body, and then she gives birth to a child, which is handed over to the indicated people immediately after birth. In Poland – according to – the law does not clearly define whether the use of surrogacy services is legal or not. There are no regulations regulating these issues.

Amanda had already had experience as a surrogate, this was to be the last time

Amanda and her partner live in America, and such practices are common there. The woman had been a surrogate several times before, she decided that this would be the last. She registered with the agency with which she signed the appropriate agreements. The agency found a willing family, but they were separated by a considerable distance from each other. This was not an obstacle though. Shortly after signing the contract with a married couple from abroad, Amanda became pregnant. The time of pregnancy and childbirth coincided with the time when it was necessary to undergo a two-week quarantine before and after the trip. She gave birth in February 2021. Twins were born. However, the couple did not show up to pick up the children, explaining that they did not want to undergo a two-week quarantine.

My parents stopped sending money and contact stopped completely

According to the agreement, two birth certificates were to be drawn up. The first one just after giving birth, which shows Amanda and her partner as parents. The second act was to be drawn up when the children were picked up by their biological parents. After giving birth, Amanda sent pictures of Hanna and James to her mother. In them, she described that James laughs a lot and Hanna is picky. However, it turned out that the biological mother does not even distinguish between the children in the photos. Months passed, the children turned one year old. Then no one came to pick them up either. The parents sent Amanda money every month for the children’s support, but when she wrote to stop if they weren’t going to show up at all, contact stopped altogether. When the twins turned 14 months old, the couple hired a lawyer to determine what to do next and where the babies should be handed over. They didn’t expect it to be so complicated.


Source: Gazeta

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