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The first husband first betrayed her, then tricked her out of the apartment.  “I bored him”

The first husband first betrayed her, then tricked her out of the apartment. “I bored him”

Teresa Lipowska did not have an easy life. Although she was successful on stage and on the screen, she faced many difficulties in her private life. The first husband appeared to be the love of her life, but turned out to be the beginning of a real nightmare. How did their relationship end?

is one of the most popular Polish actresses. Although she has many roles on her account, both on the stage of theaters and on the screen, she gained the greatest popularity only after many years of her career, when she played the role of the doyen of the Mostowiak family in the series . Privately, she was not lucky, and fate did not spare her.

Living with her mother-in-law was her nightmare. But the worst was yet to come

Studying at the Łódź Film School was a dream come true for me. It was in the walls of the university that she met an aspiring cinematographer from Russia, Aleksander Lipowski. The older man, five years older, immediately caught her attention. He was handsome and gallant, and she fell head over heels for him. She even claimed it was love at first sight. “I fell head over heels in love with him. When I was in my senior year, we decided to get married. I went to the wedding as a virgin, I gave him my wreath – in one of the interviews.

Both were taking their first steps in the industry and could not afford to buy or even rent their own place. For this reason, they stayed with the operator’s mother. she was not happy with this, because her mother-in-law was intolerant of opposition, she had strict rules, and living with her under the same roof soon led to the first serious feuds between the newlyweds. Lipowska’s goal is to move out. She hoped that away from her mother-in-law, relations with her husband would improve. However, when they finally moved in alone, nothing changed and things got even worse. Lipowski could not be faithful, and he did not even hide his numerous mistresses. “I bored him.” Later I realized that love was just enough for him for a short time. After me, he had five more wives – recalled Barbara in the TV series.

Lipowska’s first husband threw her out of the apartment. He did it by trick

For the actress, betrayal was a huge blow. She couldn’t accept the fact that her husband was sleeping with other women, and she didn’t see any problem with it. Then something happened that added fuel to the fire and was the final confirmation of the end. “He said we had to move out and give the flat back. I moved out and he stayed there. So that’s how he kicked me out of the apartment – ​​she said years later. She couldn’t understand why he treated her like this. After many unsuccessful attempts to save the relationship, she requested a divorce, which was formalized in 1960.

Lipowska did not hide that the failed marriage cast a shadow on her subsequent relationships with men. She was untrustworthy, suspicious and afraid of getting hurt. However, all these adversities turned out to be not scary for a colleague, Tomasz Zaliwski, whom she met during rehearsals for one of the performances. They played a couple in love at the time. During rehearsals, the cast members saw that there were sparks between them not only on stage, but Lipowska resisted this feeling for a long time. In the end, the actor won her heart. They got married in 1963, and a decade later they had a son, Marcin.

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