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The boys entered the cave for an hour and were stuck for 17 days. Lifeguards had to put them to sleep

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The Netflix movie features only members of the Wild Boars team and tells in detail about their extraordinary struggle to survive.

I do not know of any other rescue operation in which rescuers are exposed to such danger

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– said the American taking part in the action in 2018. “It was an impossible mission,” Narongsak Osottanakorn, chief of the operation, said after its completion. – We did it, although no one expected that the mission would be successful – he did not hide.

Young soccer players got stuck in a cave. “After nine days, we did not have the strength to look for a way out ourselves”

On June 23, 2018, 12 boys aged 11 to 16 from the “Wild” football team, as well as their 25-year-old coach, entered the Tham Luang cave in the north of Thailand. They got lost in a maze of corridors. There was no contact with the group for 10 days, they were not found until July 2. – After nine days, we didn’t have the strength to look for a way out ourselves – says one of those imprisoned in the production of Netflix. It turned out that the young players and their guardian were about a kilometer underground, and about four kilometers from the exit.

After finding the group, it turned out that it would not be so easy to get them to the surface. For days, the divers provided the boys with food and water, while a rescue plan was developed. It seemed as if it could take as long as four months – if divers were to haul babies underwater, they would first need to master deep diving skills. However, a decision was made that the entire group had to be pulled out as soon as possible, although from the very beginning the services realized how risky this action would be. The oxygen level in the cave was dropping, and intensive rains were expected, which could flood the cave even more.

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The boys were pulled out one by one – one of the prisoners was pulled out from two to even eight rescuers. In total, over a thousand people took part in the rescue operation, including over 90 divers who risked in almost completely opaque water (visibility did not exceed a meter) and a strong current, which caused, among others, that the rescuers’ masks were slipping off. not to panic in the narrow underwater corridors.

During the operation, Sergeant Saman Kuman, a former Thai soldier, was killed. Later, the Royal Thai Navy announced the death of another participant – NCO Beiret Bureerak developed a blood infection during the operation in the cave. He died in December 2019.

Netflix documentary author: Many boys felt they had been misunderstood

The author of the document is Pailin Wedel. The director presents the facts in a thrilling way and went down in history as the first Thai person to be awarded an Emmy for Best Documentary at the 49th International Emmy Awards for “Frozen Hope: Einz’s Second Life.” This time it presents a story told by the coach and some players of the Wild Boars team. The film also includes accounts of boys’ families, local experts and officers, as well as other people who helped in the rescue operation. Their information allowed to complete the chronicle of this dramatic event.

Initially, Wedel was concerned that telling about these nightmarish events might be a traumatic experience for boys, but she learned from informal conversations with boys and their families that they actually wanted to tell the story, and for some it might even be healing. The director recalls:

The stories told were full of hope, failure, self-denial, and even humor. Many boys felt that they had been misunderstood. They had things to say that no one had heard before. It was then that I realized that not only can, but also must be, created this documentary. Their perspective is key to understanding an event that caught the attention of people from all over the world.

Source: Gazeta

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