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Lukowski’s ex-wife has remarried. “I am glad that he will be a role model for my daughter”

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Bartosz Żukowski, known mainly for the role of Waldek in the Polish comedy series “Świat according to Kiepskich”, fell in love with Ewa Coll over a dozen years ago. In 2009, the couple had a daughter, Pola. Their relationship, however, did not last long. They separated in 2015 and divorced two years later.

Ewa Coll remarried. Her chosen one is Kostek Yoriadis

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Although the couple broke up a few years ago, Ewa Coll was fighting for a long time with her ex-husband for money and overdue money. It was only this year that she once again stood on the wedding carpet. The lucky winner was 59-year-old Kostek Yoriadis, a famous Polish musician and vocalistwho in the 90s was associated with Kasia Kowalska and has a daughter with her, Aleksandra. The couple had a silent wedding in September. Ewa took the surname of her new husband and spares no compliments about him. In an interview with “Twój Imperium” she admitted that she met him when she was still in a difficult relationship with the series Walduś, but as a “busy” person she did not arouse his interest.

We met when I was still in a violent relationship and I had just filed for divorce. He only looked at me differently when he knew my story. He helped, advised and comforted me at the cost of his life. He gave up many of his plans, even making an album, to look after me, my daughter and my dog.

The woman still holds a grudge against her ex-husband. It shows him in a bad light

In the interview, he does not hide his admiration for his current husband, while driving pins to his ex-partner:

Kostek is a solid company, a man of principles, resolute, caring for the family. Reminds me of my dad. I am glad that he will be for my daughter a model of a man who gives his relatives a sense of security, is not shaky, not hysterical and does not take revenge.

Kostek Yoriadis does not owe his wife. At the end of the interview, he admitted:

Thanks to her, my life took full shape. I am lucky!

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Ewa Yoriadis (Coll) is privately a civil servant. In show business, she became famous thanks to her marriage and a high-profile divorce with actor Bartosz Żukowski.

Source: Gazeta

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