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Emergency call! This is how the atmosphere is lived outside the Alberto Spencer stadium where Daddy Yankee will sing

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The devastating sun of Guayaquil accompanied the dozens of fans of daddy yankee that reached the exterior of the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium this Tuesday, October 4 to enter his concert scheduled from 7:00 p.m. in Guayaquil. Is about The last lap world tour’.

Seats in line to enter Daddy Yankee’s concert in Guayaquil were offered at 5 and 10 dollars

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Traffic was flowing normally in the south-north direction on the avenue of the americas at approximately 3:00 p.m. At that same time, the fans were walking in a hurry to get to the line, which began at the Ernesto Noboa street Y Caamaño or also known for the emergency admission to the National Police hospital.

Dozens of people are lining up outside the Estadio Modelo Alberto Spencer to enter the Daddy Yankee concert. Photo: José Beltrán / The Universe Photo: The Universe

As the hours passed, more people gathered in line. that according to the attendees it was for all the localities and after advancing to a filter they had to go to the corresponding spaces, a situation that upset them and they mentioned that they preferred that from the beginning the accesses be by location.

With the ticket in hand for the Daddy Yankee concert in Guayaquil, this is how fans stayed in the parking area of ​​the Modelo Alberto Spencer stadium

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At approximately 4:40 p.m., a crowd ran with the aim of keeping out people who had just arrived in line.

At the same time, the military randomly checked people who were with backpacks, in addition to them uniformed on horses guarded security, that in some moments they were surprised by whistles and shouts from attendees who refused to let other people enter.

Vendors did not miss their chance either, headbands and caps were part of the items offered to attendees.

The headbands were offered at a dollar, the sweaters at $20 and the caps at $8. The canned beers were extended at $2.

After 5:20 p.m., there was a little more evidence of disorder among the attendees, who in their attempt to enter generated discomfort with those who, in their opinion, got into the lines.

What does the goat mean and other symbols that Daddy Yankee has used in his discography?

logistics details

Moises Barrios, project manager of this concert, mentioned to this newspaper that the appearance of the ‘Big Boss’ on the Guayaquil stage is scheduled for approximately 9:00 p.m.. Before, the Colombian Beele will be in charge of opening the concert. In addition there will be special guests by Daddy Yankee.

remembered that Central Tickets It no longer has tickets for sale, so it advised against purchasing tickets.

The manager stated live for this newspaper that security will be made up as follows: around 400 private security personnel, 250 logistics people and additional the National Police has provided approximately 100 officials who will be collaborating outside and inside the stadium. (YO)

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Source: Eluniverso

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