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102 percent for joining Kalinigrad to the Czech Republic. Poles and Czechs are racing on memes

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“And how not to love Poles” – wrote with a laugh Czech politician Tomáš Zdechovský, who shared a graphic with a satirical map on his Twitter profile. He was quickly joined by other Czechs who create new memes for races with Poles – it’s hard to decide which are more fun. On the wave of the joint exchange of jokes, not one, but at least three referenda have been held that fully approve the Czech annexation of the Kaliningrad Oblast.

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In one of them, 97.9 percent voted in favor of joining the territory to the Czech Republic. residents of Kaliningrad, and in the second, for example, this result was already 102 percent. The latest memes go even further and report results reaching over 160%. – but it is hardly surprising, the Czechs have already started to move to the seaside.

A sea of ​​memes after the “referendum” on the takeover of Kaliningrad by the Czech Republic

The “referendum” was also conducted by Tomáš Zdechovský on his profile. He put the matter straight: he asked whether Kaliningrad should be Polish-Czech and gave a choice of two answers “yes” and “definitely yes”. Also joking is the Czech Foreign Minister who threw a meme with US President Joe Biden saying: “I fully support the Czech claims to the Kaliningrad territory.”

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In the meantime, even an “official” Twitter profile of the new Czech territory was created, which was renamed Královec. In addition, it was also created to encourage trips to seaside Czech estates.

Poles emphasize that the idea is even historically justified – “The castle in Königsberg was built in honor of Přemysl Otakar II – the king of Bohemia” – they write.

Others add that the annexation has already been blessed by Pope Francis:

Lecturer Wojciech Kadrys comments on the web – “I think that this action with annexing #Kralovec by the Czech Republic is something wonderful. We ridicule illegal annexations and Russian referenda, make us aware of how Russian propaganda works and have fun.”

The fun is really great. Twitter users report that a rare specimen of a pink dolphin has just been spotted on the Czech coast of the Baltic Sea, or that construction has already started on a new brewing plant “Beer Stream”. As the maps show, the connection is to lead from the Czech Republic to the Czech Republic through Poland with a stop in Warsaw. The connection is to start at the Pilzner or Budweiser breweries. Construction is to be completed on January 1, 2023 – the authors of the memes joke.

Even the Czech Post Office joined the party. The profile of the office reads: “Due to the international situation and the connection of @KralovecCzechia with the Czech Republic, we will soon introduce a stamp that will be used to send postcards and letters to our new territory, its denomination will be represented by the letter K, and the motif of the first stamp will be Czech aircraft carrier Baron Prášil “- the design of the stamp is now available on the web.

“Riots broke out in Kaliningrad as people flocked to get new Czech identity documents! Police are struggling to cope with the new situation. Commentators agree! It’s a Czech film!” is already organizing the beaches on the Baltic Sea “,” The Czech Navy has secured the port in Kaliningrad with modern sea mines of the “Rákosnícek” type (Polish: “Wodnik Szuwarek”) “,” Krecik has carried out a Czech landing on the Kaliningrad Oblast. Russian defenders are fleeing in panic “,” Due to the annexation of Kaliningrad to the Czech Republic, the Americans want to sell the aircraft carrier to the Czech Republic “,” The invincible Czech Navy HAS NOT LOST a single naval battle “,” The Czech submarine Helena Vondrácková returns to the base in Kaliningrad “- the Poles joke.

The Russians are not satisfied with our jokes. “Zdechovský said that (…) he supports the dubious idea of ​​a Polish internet user, which involved holding a referendum in the Kaliningrad Oblast and the division of the Russian region between the Czech Republic and Poland,” EurAsia Daily, a Russian news portal, reads. Zdechovský himself on Tuesday, October 4, commented that he was not surprised by such reactions. He added that Vladimir Putin should prepare for the fact that if he annexes the territory of Ukraine on the basis of pseudo-referenda, he would trigger “a discussion about whether the country should keep Kaliningrad”.

The Czech politician also emphasized that the Russians treated themselves too seriously, both in matters of politics and international relations. He stated that “Moscow should be shown that we are not afraid of her and her threats, and that we are ready to support Ukraine in its struggle for the return of all its territories.”

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